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Kindred Spirits established in 1993.

From the minute the doors opened we realized the importance of healing as well as providing products with the highest energy possible.  Today we are an intricate member of our ever growing Spiritual Community. We began as a tiny shop and quickly grew to need a much larger space to accommodate class, workshops, healing's and daily readings.

Kindred Spirits ~ The Shop

Harmony and peace is the first thing you feel when you walk in the door. The harmonious energy naturally occurs due to the hundreds of gems, minerals and crystals sitting in harmony with one another. The fragrance of our handmade incense, soaps, oils and elixirs permeates the air adding to the experience. When asked what smells so good we just say Kindred Spirits. The owners themselves  grow the California White Sage for the Sage bundles on Wild Rock, their Family Farm and Tortoise Sanctuary. Over the many years we have developed an exclusive line of Kindred Spirits products for Spiritual uses, including Smokeless Smudge Crystal Elixir, Color Therapy Candles, Oils, Incense and Herbs. Kindred Spirits Wholesale ships products all over the globe.

Kindred Spirits ~ Healing Center

We now provide a space for over twenty teachers and healer, all working as a big family. We are now a strong, vibrant business and Healing Center. We invite free thinkers and those out of the box believers to experience themselves in a whole new way.

“We are looking forward to being of service…

For many years to come.” ~ Persis Newland


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Hello Kindred Spirits

  This is Vince, and this is my first stab at writing for the website, so be kind,

but be honest if you get a chance, Thanks.

I don’t know about you but this has been a rough year, huh?  There has been a constant stream of you coming in with troubled waters.  As most of you know we have had them too.  That's what makes us Kindred Spirits!

Chuck had his accident in February 2017, its been a struggle to find balance for our family and Kindred Spirits.  But then things began to change.  I stepped up at Kindred Spirits, as well as our awesome workers, that helped us keep the store open.  My parents Persis and Chuck have found new ways to make the most of their situation, making products at home, going to shows and our distributors in person, coming up to Kindred Spirits some mornings to help organize the store and brainstorm about the future, printing stone cards, brochures, etc…  Persis is also back reading on Friday while I work from home.  Most of our readers have stepped up their game, and the ones that didn’t went their own way, but that's OK!!  We all have our own path, and that has led us to some new talents.

That's how it works, if you worry about the troubled waters, you will get hit by them, sometimes really hard.  But, if you let the waters flow, and ride the waves instead of fighting them, you usually end up where you are supposed to be, unscathed.  Its like a car accident, I’m sure you have all heard, that if you brace for impact your more likely to get hurt than if you just LET GO.  That's what we have to do, LET GO!  LET GO of Fear, Pain, Worry, Anger, Jealousy, Preconceived Notions, and CONTROL.  Its not an easy thing, it takes constant vigilance.  Its OK to have these things, but be aware of them, and then realize they are not of your best interest, and let the universe provide.  Letting the universe provide doesn’t mean just let things happen though.  You still have to do your part.  You are probably not going to get that new job if you do not put in an application, or go to the interview, or show up.  We still have to do the work.

     Then what does LET GO mean?  It doesn’t mean you give up, it doesn’t mean you forget, it doesn't mean you find an outside source of your happiness either.  You’ll always find true happiness inside.  Look forward, don't worry about the past.  What has happened has happened and you cant change it now, anyway.  I have something I try and practice with my daughters, that is a perfect example.  When something goes wrong, like spilling soda, or paint on the table.  Of course I get angry at first, that's natural.  But then, almost as quick as the event happened, and quicker than the anger came on, I say, alright that's done, what do we do to fix this.  Your happiness is your choice, you can let these things keep you a victim, or you can let go and the universe will provide a solution.  So to me, LET GO means not to hold on, don't brace for the unknown, but try to avoid the accident by taking action then just ride that wave to where your supposed to be.

     Lets move forward with our lives, find the solutions in everything.  They are there just look!

     Remember, we create our reality, but so does our neighbor.  What does that mean?  Think of it like a community garden, I go in and plant, say strawberries, you come in and plant tomato's, Persis comes in and plants pumpkins, Chuck comes in and plants an orange tree.  Now each on their own is beautiful, but tomato's and pumpkins are vines.  If you and Persis do not come care for them, other than watering yours, they will creep over into my strawberries.  Eventually Chucks orange tree will get big enough to block the sun.  Lets not forget in spite of us those plants are creating their reality too.  We all affect each other, and if you do not take the time to understand that my reality intersects with yours, we are going to have problems somewhere, right?  There are over 7½ billion people on the earth creating their reality, or their part of the garden.  If we do not take care of our garden and sometimes help our neighbors with theirs, there will be waves.  Be kind, and understand you are not the only one creating a reality.  Saying “I create my reality” would work fine if you were in a bio dome by yourself, but you are likely not.  So remember your neighbors, that's what makes us Kindred Spirits!!!