For over eleven years Arcelia, Master Reiki teacher has walked the path as a channel for Divine Light to serve as a spiritual healer and guide through the deep transformation of her personal healing journey since she was a little girl she knew she had  spiritual gifts. She is grateful for all those teachers that came to her life path and guided  her to self- realization.Arcelia has enjoyed traveling to spiritual places like India, Mt Shasta, Sedona New Mexico and national parks to connect to the higher sources of energy. Following her intuition she became a yoga meditation teacher, energy healer and spiritual guide.

Arcelia Morales

Leiah is a Reiki Master, crystal healer, and Primus Activation Healing Practitioner (a form of healing developed by the coauthor of The Book of Stones, Naisha Ahsian) and has been doing healings and teaching since 2012.

Working in healthcare for years sparked Leiah’s passion to explore complementary healing methods to western medicine and knew there had to be more out there. Since then, she discovered a deep passion for not only healing others but teaching them how to tap into their own soul’s wisdom, intuition, and the infinite knowledge of crystals and stones to heal themselves so that they can lead a life of continuous healing, growth, joy, and empowerment. 

Her clients tell her she has a gentle yet powerful touch, a strong connection with her guides and intuition, and can feel her passion to assist them in a deep healing experience on all levels of body, mind, and soul. In her spare time she volunteers in the hospital setting to do reiki healings and spread word of the amazing benefits of aromatherapy, reiki, meditation, and complementary healing. 


Sonya is a Reiki Practitioner and Facilitator of Family Soul Constellations.  She’s also a LifeCoach, and helps people move through issues by using hypnosis, NLP, and Neurological Re-patterning.  She has received several certifications from the Christopher Howard Institute and has studied under Mark Wolynn and Suzi Tucker of the Bert Hellinger Institute of Western Pennsylvania, and under Francesca Mason Boring.  Sonya’s accomplishments include the LiteQuest and Masters workshops with the LifeQuest center in Pomona, and working with marriage counselors and family therapists over the years.   She has the ability to work with people from all lifestyles, and loves to explore other cultures and countries.  She has high integrity, intuitiveness and believes in genuine dedication, commitment and hard work.  She believes in helping others discover their individual healing qualities with the purpose of achieving a greater sense of peace and reestablishing vital strength, tranquility and dignity at the soul level.  Sonya was raised in the U.S. and Mexico, speaks fluent Spanish and English and continues her journey to acquire better health and inner peace.

Sonya Arias

Liz Mena Reiki Master Teacher Certified Practitioner. Member of the International Board of Coaches and Practitioners.
Liz is a retired Work Experience Vocational Teacher. She has been on a spiritual path for 30 years. Liz was blessed to have master level spiritual teachers come into her life without seeking for them and they guided her to learn about yoga, meditation, mind , body, spirit teachings, because they informed her she has a spiritual gift.
One of her spiritual teachers introduced her to Reiki healing and Liz experienced a beautiful Angelic experience. This is how she got interested to learn about Reiki. She also feels very blessed to have discovered Kindred Spirits Healing Center.
Liz is a certified Master Teacher Practitioner by the Kindred Spirits
Reiki Usui Master Teacher Degree
Program of Natural Health from Inner
Journey Wellness Program,June 15, 2015. Additional certifications are on Shambhala Reiki and Shamanic Healing.
She also teaches the Mind Body Spirit and Reiki healing Practical Guidance class that provides guidance to people who have questions about there spiritual gift and don’t know who to talk to.
Liz loves to travel to Spiritual nature places like Sedona, Mount Shasta, National Parks and the beach!

Liz Mena