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Our Beginnings

Healing the Planet One Soul at a Time!

Kindred Spirits began in August of 1993  down in the Village of Claremont, California. It soon became clear to us we would need more space, so in our third year we moved up to the location we are in at the present time.

All these years later, we are very happy with the wonderful space we have created with the clear guidance of Kindred Spirits. 


Our Mission

There need never be anything that can't be worked out if we all strive to have a CLEAR MIND, CURRENT HEART, SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE and RIGHT ACTION for the Highest Good of All. The Mission of Kindred Spirits is to inform , Educate Empower, and Enlighten our Spiritual Community and beyond.  Our Mission is to offer high-quality products and services with good intentions of teaching  you how to be your own Teacher,  to Empower you to do what you need to take Yourself to the next stage of Enlightenment!

Kindred Spirits' Services

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