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Reiki Master Certification

Reiki Master is an Advanced Class. This class will offer a Deeper Look into the Healing Powers of Reiki and the Business. This is a great Class for those wanting to Teach and or Provide a Buisness

in the Healing Arts.

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What you will learn during your  Reiki Master Certification Class:

  • Receive Three Additional Reiki Symbols

  • Learn How to use Symbols for Reiki Attunement

  • Recieve Daiko Myo-The Master Symbol, Raku-The Lighting Bolt, and Yod-The Reiki Symbol used for the Master Level Class Attunement.

  • Learn the Process of Passing an Attunement

  • How and What to Teach in Each Level of a Reiki Class

  • Buisness Developement 

  • The Importance of an Energy Exchange for Reiki Treatments

  • Time for Students to Practice

  • Reiki Master Certification


Hours of Observation:

  • 12 hours of practice at the Reiki Clinic

  • Observe/sit-in on all Reiki Classes: I, II, III, and Master

  • Take Two Additional Classes to Better Enhance your Knowledge and Skills: Sound Therapy, Crystal Class, Chakra Class or Tarot Class.

Price of Class: $350

Contact Kindred Spirits @ (909) 626-2434 for more Information!

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