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Intuitive (Western) Astrology:
A Deep Dive into the Signs

Astrology is the study of patterns and cycles. It reflects our life experience back to us in a language that uses symbols, narratives and myths that have been shared throughout history and across cultures to help us better understand our behavior, emotions, and thoughts. Astrology is a profound source of divination that encourages compassion and kindness for all truths and realities.

                                                                               -The Lady Bitterness

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What you will Learn in this Course:


Class One: How To Set Up A Birth Chart

  •  Learning The First Step Of Reading A Birth Chart: The Signs

  • Understanding The Design Of A Chart

  • Designing Your Own Chart 

Class Two: The Elemental Story: Fire, Earth, Air, Water 

  • A Deeper Look Into The Four Elements and the Three Temperaments 

  • Understanding How Each Energy Works Together

Class Three: The Story Arc Of Aries Through Virgo: Developing The Self 

  • Understanding How Each Signs Leads Into The Other

  • Discussing How To Best Support Each Energy 

Class Four: The Story Arc Of Libra Through Pisces: Establishing The Self In The World

  •  Understanding How Each Signs Leads Into The Other

  • Discussing How To Best Support Each Energy

Materials Included:

  • Handouts

  • Pdfs


Price of Course: $200

Contact Kindred Spirits @ (909) 626-2434 for more Information!

Looking for an Astrology Community?

Join the Inrospective Astrology Meet-Up!!!

They Meet Every First Friday of the Month  from 7-9pm.

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