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Natal Chart Readings are 30min for $75,

and 60 min for $150!

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Persis Newland

Owner Of Kindred Spirits

Psychic Reader/ Artist/ Teacher  

Maiden Mother Crone Advocate


 Since a child, I have always held a natural frequency harmonious to that of Nature. As an Animist, I believe that natural phenomena or inanimate objects possess Spirit, and communing with the Spirit of Things is paramount to sourcing the power of Self.  My communion with the Spirit, in turn creates Magic and Miracles or Spiritual Events in my life. I have observed how we are all designed to commune with the Spirit of Things on a sensory level, through our Chakra system.  This brilliantly designed energy system allows us to have profoundly spiritual, unique personal relationships with the Natural World or the Spirit of Things in our everyday life. I know my intuition and self trust  provide the keys to Me and the daily Chakra work I do opens me to the Spirit of All Things. This relationship offers me full participation in the Natural flow of my own energy. Although I have not yet attained the frequency I am destined to hold, I do hold the frequency of who Spirit needs me to be right now. I offer practical solutions and down to earth perspectives. Healing information often rides in on a grand sense of humor, easing the pain and suffering experienced when eyes see and hearts feeling for the first time.  My art is created by allowing the Spirit of Thing wanting to be created full use of who I am. The Creation is a clear reflection of the Animist belief that the life force in all things can be motivated to birth time, and time again. Simply request from your heart of hearts.

Shana Mirambeau

Manager of Kindred Spirits

Intuitive Reader/Reiki Practitioner  Writer/Healer/Teacher/ 

Herbal Astrologist


Shana is a Healer, Intuitive Reader, and is a trained Family Constellation Practitioner. Family Constellations is a practice started by Bert Hellinger to uncover and acknowledge hidden trauma and facilitate healing through its expression, allowing healing movements at a soul level to bring peace and resolution in family dynamics. This practice is often integrated during healings and readings given by Shana. 


 Her Journey began at a very young age and blossomed during the difficult and sometimes chaotic years of her youth. Shana comes from a long and strong lineage of Healers who guided her through dreams, whispers and nature along her path.  She honors her knowledge of various healing modalities and divination practices to advise clients in Tarot readings and or Healings and is invested in educating herself to heal and grow herself and assist others along her path. 

As a Reiki practioner, Shana combines sound therapy, crystals, tuning forks and the power of Reiki energy to assist in the process of balance and healing for each client. Spirit is always present guiding her through each session and some messages may be communicated during the session.


During a reading, Shana allows Spirit to guide her to best council each client and creates a safe place where clients can express themselves freely!


nita Brake 

Intuitive Tarot Reader/Reiki Healer

nita photo_edited.jpg

Nita is an intuitive and empathic tarot reader and Certified Reiki II healer.  She brings forth messages from Spirit to assist the seeker in finding their own truth with the highest good for all in mind. 


Her metaphysical journey began in childhood as an old soul with a deep connection and relationship with Spirit and Angels.  Her compassion for humanity, the dedication to her own continuous Self-awareness, her belief that one person’s willingness to look at the painful shadows of their lives so that healing and love can shed light and peace, is what fuels her desire to do this healing work.  She believes each of us can heal ourselves, thus shifting negative energy on an emotional and physical level, not only in the seeker but the entire stream of Life Consciousness. 


Having always been drawn towards Esoteric and Mystery Traditions, Nita decided more than a decade ago to renounce societal and self-imposed oppression allowing her soul to take flight and do what her child-self knew she was meant to do. 


During a session, Nita will offer practical and grounded advice and genuine heartfelt healing channeled through Spirit to help bring the seeker clarity and peace; leading them to their highest potential.  She may also assist the seeker in ritual work, spell/intention setting, and candle magic to aid in manifestation.  You may also schedule a Reiki Healing session with Nita.  In a Reiki healing, she may be guided to use the assistance of crystals and/or essential oils.


Artist/Intuitive Tarot Reader/Teacher


Robert Prokop is an Artist, Intuitive Tarot Reader, Teacher and Craftsman. His studies and personal practices focus on self-initiation and the western mystery traditions such as, Kabbalah, Rosicrucianism, Astrology, and Tarot.  Robert believes that the visuals and imagery of the Tarot provide a unique platform for personal introspection, expression and is a gateway to the soul. In a world where everything can be seen as a symbol, the cards of the Tarot provide a pathway to utilize those symbols and reflect upon the messages they carry within. As an Empath, Old Soul, and Lover of Nature, Robert believes that the greatest moments in life often involve learning new things and sharing ideas with others. He has been a creative since he was a child and has always found joy in self-expression. Currently, Robert cares for two cats, a dog, and two reptiles at home and resides in Southern California.

Sonya Arias

Intuitive Tarot Reader/Reiki Practitioner/ Facilitator of Family  Soul Constellation

Sonya Pic .jpg

Sonya is a Reiki Practitioner and Facilitator of Family Soul Constellations.  She’s also a LifeCoach, and helps people move through issues by using hypnosis, NLP, and Neurological Re-patterning.  She has received several certifications from the Christopher Howard Institute and has studied under Mark Wolynn and Suzi Tucker of the Bert Hellinger Institute of Western Pennsylvania, and under Francesca Mason Boring.  Sonya’s accomplishments include the LiteQuest and Masters workshops with the LifeQuest center in Pomona, and working with marriage counselors and family therapists over the years.   She has the ability to work with people from all lifestyles, and loves to explore other cultures and countries.  She has high integrity, intuitiveness and believes in genuine dedication, commitment and hard work.  She believes in helping others discover their individual healing qualities with the purpose of achieving a greater sense of peace and reestablishing vital strength, tranquility and dignity at the soul level.  Sonya was raised in the U.S. and Mexico, speaks fluent Spanish and English and continues her journey to acquire better health and inner peace.


Intuitive Tarot Reader


After working for the electrical utility industry, Shekinah became fascinated with the study of energy. She then went on to study electrical engineering which has led her into the study of metaphysics. Once her Psychic Aunt passed, Shekinah found herself receiving messages from her Aunt in numerous dreams. That is where the path of healing and Psychic ability started for Shekinah. She has now been reading tarot  for over four years and loves helping people make better decisions in order to lead happier lives. 



kristen _edited.jpg

As an empath and an old soul, Kristen has always been an observer of life and drawn to all things spiritual. After being introduced to astrology by her mother, Kristen felt both an instant fascination and connection with this symbolic system and a desire to learn more. She loves using astrology as a means to remind people of their unique abilities and help them remember who they truly are. When she is not reading a birth chart, you can find Kristen writing, reading a Jane Austen novel, at Disneyland, or the movies.


After given the client’s time, place, and date of birth, Kristen will use both her intuition and knowledge of the stars to study the chart. During the reading, she will look at the planetary placements, houses, and aspects to help reveal to the client both their natural talents and strengths as well as areas for improvement. Kristen will go over the self, home, love, health, and career of the individual and will also use the assistance of oracle cards from her astrology deck to help clarify which parts of the chart need extra special attention. Kristen is always grateful for the opportunity to look at an individual’s chart and has found that the best readings occur when one has an open heart and the desire to look within to become the best version of the self.


Western Tropical Astrologer/Modern & Traditional Techniques


Madison, otherwise known as ‘The Lady Bitterness’ or Lady for short, has had a connection to the symbols of Astrology since she first laid eyes on her Grandmother's library of books and old natal chart readings. She has been strengthening her intuitive connection ever since. For Lady, the beauty of Astrology is in the storytelling element. Our natal charts help us write and rewrite our own narratives as we navigate the chaotic world we are thrown into at birth. In her readings, she prefers to investigate the deeper motivations that have formed one’s personality. It is important to her to acknowledge that developing our sense of self is an ongoing process and that there is nothing that we need to ‘fix’ about ourselves, only heal and understand with more compassion. She uses her perspective as an Astrologer to guide people on that journey with insight from the symbols, myths and legends that this spiritual practice offers. The name Lady Bitterness comes directly from an instinct to rewrite her narrative and create an identity based on her natal chart. As a Scorpio, Lady has never been capable of ignoring the deeper, harsher parts of life. She is not pessimistic, but rather dedicated to getting to the source of pain, facing the fear, working through it and eventually lifting that dead weight off one’s shoulders. So, bitterness represents that bittersweet feeling of relief as we face the truth of ourselves and by doing so, relieve our bodies and souls of guilt, sorrow, hurt and regret. In a typical reading, we focus on the unique relationships that form between the planets in your specific chart, how these energies have manifested in the past and how to work with your natural energy moving forward.

All Tarot Readings are $1.50 a Minute.

Natal Chart Readings are 30min for $75,

and 60 min for $150!

Call and Book an Appointment Today!!!

(909) 626-2434

Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6pm

 and Sunday 12-5pm