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Kindred Spirits' Candle dressing service: Kindred Spirits adds Oils,Herbs, and Crystals to compliment the intent of the Candle. Once you choose the service, please choose the candle you would like to be dressed!


Note:  The candle dressing fee is for one candle. Make sure to purchase one candle dressing service per candle.

Candle Dressing Service

  • The Hand that Touches Flame to Wick is the Ultimate Driving Force Held within the Heart of the Sacred Flame itself with Harm to None!

    When lighting your candle, remain still and focused as you clear your mind and meditate on the intent of the candle. Once you light your candle, trust and know that Spirit is working with you!

  • Books, Music, Fragrance oils, Candles,Tarot Cards, Oracle Decks, and Incense cannot be returned or exchanged.

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