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All of Kindred Spirits' Readers are Psychic Intuitives trained to council.

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Candle Dressings

What is a Candle Dressing?

 It's when Candles are annoineted with Herbs, Crystals and Oils to compliment the intent of the Candle.

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Kindred Spirits offers a variety of Classes and Workshps to Enhance each Individuals Personal Growth!!!


Kindred Spirits offers Reiki  and Crystal Healings and  Chakra Balancing.

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Reiki Clinic

Every 1st Saturday of the Month, Kindred Spirits offers a donation based Reiki Clinic. This is an opportunity for individuals to receive ten to fifteen minutes of Reiki and be introduced to its healing Powers.

Reiki Treatment
Aura Photography

Every second  Saturday of the Month, Kindred Spirits offers Aura Imaging. During your Imaging session, you will learn about your personality color type, any blockages you may have, and ways to balance and improve your chakra energy.  This is a fun experience where each session allows clients to sit in front of the  Aura machine, perhaps play with chosen stones and crystals, and see the colors of their Aura. Prices for each session  vary.

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