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Cancer Season Horoscopes for All!


Aries, you represent the beginning of the Astrological Year which occurs on the Spring Equinox. You embody the energy of that first breath of life and the inspiration that follows. When we arrive at Cancer Season, we enter yet another beginning. The Summer Solstice marks the beginning of this season. Because both you and Cancer sit at the very start of a season, you share a special connection that the other signs do not. As an Aries, you tend to approach life as a self-starter. You are the independent one. Perhaps, the daring one! You are the Initiator!  The emotional sensitivity of Cancer is usually kept for your private life at home or with family. In order to be that brave, self-permitting Aries, you tend to keep those softer aspects of your personality safe within a familiar space. This season encourages you to take some time at home  with those who feel like family. Take some time to examine your relationship to your roots. Aries, how in touch are you with your ancestry? How, if at all, does your lineage impact your identity and sense of rootedness?  


Leo, we have reached the time of year where you are encouraged to release yourself from the noise of the mundane routine. Find time for solitude and meditative activities. Cancer Season reminds you of the seamless emotional connection you have with your higher intuition, the collective unconscious and spirit. When you make time to escape the daily routine and find a sense of inner peace, you may find that you are quite sensitive to the rhythms and cycles around you. As a Leo, you are expected to fill up every room with your Solar Power, and you do embody charisma and charm. However, this season serves as a reminder of your crucial need for privacy and time out of the spotlight. Time to rest and recover and turn off the performance. In order to maintain a sense of inner ease and safety, this time of year is special for you as it supports and encourages this quality alone time. Remember to  give yourself some space to swim in your own safe and cozy universe and allow yourself some time to follow your own rhythms and cycles as you become closer to yourself and closer to your intuition.


Showing yourself tender love and care throughout Cancer Season is so important for you, Sagittarius. Let’s keep it real, this is an uncomfortable energy for you to interact with. As a Fire sign, you tend to focus on the journey – the adventure!  What is waiting for me over the horizon? Cancer energy could not be more different. The focus for this water sign falls on our emotional well-being- home, family and our relationship to inner safety and security. During this season, you may be asked to reflect more deeply on your personal inner workings rather than the next adventure you may have lined up. This is a time that encourages you to gently and kindly address some deep-rooted emotional barriers you may have that are keeping you from knowing yourself on a deeper level. Sagittarius has a desire to run away from the past and run towards a better tomorrow. There is wisdom in this optimism, but there is also avoidance. So, take this Cancer Season as a gentle push towards sitting with feelings you may tend to run away from.


For many Taurus’, the local community is a sacred and safe space. Home is found in neighborhood connections. Feeling close to the people and places that you see every day is something that can give you great comfort. This season, allow yourself to care about how you fill your days. Who are you spending time with and how are you spending that time? That crucial mundane passing of time is the meat and potatoes of our life. It is these repetitive, ordinary moments that create most of our experience. Establishing a sense of belonging, familiarity, and closeness to all that we share that space with is something that can bring you ease, Taurus. So, pay attention to how connected you are to your local surroundings this season. Which shop owner’s story are you the most emotionally invested in? Which restaurant does every server know your order without asking? These are the little things that Cancer Season can make meaningful.


Virgo, more than any other sign, benefits from a close-knit friend group or community of some kind. Home is found in these types of connections. A nurturing community that maintains itself by being a space of comfort for each member. Virgo, you tend to be extra sensitive to the needs of the group. You may play the more parental role amongst your friends. Maybe you provide the house where everyone meets up weekly. In general, this Cancer Season encourages you to feel comfortable with how much you care about friend groups and communities. In many ways, you need these connections to be at ease within yourself. Collaboration meets a deep need of yours to belong and to be known. This season encourages you to further nurture this need within you.    


Cancer Season comes around every year to remind you of how much your close relationships provide emotional comfort for you. Through companionship, you tend to learn how to make room for the softer parts of life. As a Capricorn, there can be an emphasis on taking care of business before anything else. This of course can be useful, as you are usually the most dependable and reliable person in any given situation. However, when life becomes only filled with that heavy sense of responsibility, Cancer energy reminds you that you have every right to experience tenderness amidst all of your committed efforts towards a goal. The next few weeks serve as a time where you can give yourself some space to be sensitive. To drop down the guard with people you know and let yourself be cared for and soothed. 


Transitioning from the Airy ways of Gemini into the Waters of Cancer can feel like the breezes you feel at the beach. There is a refreshing amount of moisture laced within the air as it cools you down. During this season, you are encouraged to reflect on how the soothing and comforting energy of Cancer can actually support your open and receptive Gemini energy. In order to approach the world with such curiosity and have such an amiable presence, Cancer energy reminds you that it's your personal sense of safety, familiarity, and comfort that provides something solid to land on underneath the mental buzz of your overall energy. Gemini, you do not get enough credit for how caring and sensitive you actually can be. The ability to be the listener and the connector comes from this underlying sincerity and desire to create a sense of close camaraderie. Cancer Season encourages you to reflect on how you may rely on your sense of personal connection to life and people as a way to build self-esteem and support your lifestyle overall.  


This is the time of year that encourages you to reflect on your relationship between societal expectations, public opinion, and your personal sense of achievement. As a Libra, the need to compare and contrast in order to make decisions is your natural approach to life. There is a desire to bring ease into a given situation through locating the source of stress and then knowing how to replenish the imbalance to relieve the tension. More specifically, you tend to be aware of the social distress in an environment and strive to show support when needed. However, during Cancer Season, the focus turns now towards who you are striving to become rather than who you innately are. Does success feel safe to you? Does it feel okay  to fail or make a mistake? Who in your life is defining these milestones? Do you fully resonate with those definitions and expectations? Libra can get caught in the mind and feels pressure to make a ‘logically sound’ decision. This Cancer energy encourages you to consider where you can find or create softness on the road to achieve your goals and handle responsibilities. This is a time to make room for protecting your heart, as you reach milestones and face setbacks.


Cancer Season is the time of year that encourages you to focus on your overall well-being. What is your relationship to stress? Do you have a reliable way of managing anxiety? For Aquarius, your daily routines can be a source of comfort but can also be a reason for emotional restlessness. This season encourages you to honor your sensitivities when it comes to daily physical needs. Focus on what kind of environment helps you complete the tasks that need to get done throughout the day. Where can you create more comfort to aid in the process of completing mundane, maybe tedious, chores? For Aquarius, tending to your emotions can be a necessary part of your daily routine. Flowing to and fro with your feelings may seem counterproductive, but for you it actually really eases the stress and emotional build-up that can lead to burn out.     


We have reached the point in the calendar year where you are the one taking the reins and leading the way. This is your season, Cancer.  Throughout this Cancer Season, we are all learning the value of sensitivity. Well, you have a head start on everyone else as your emotional awareness is one of your greatest gifts. In many ways, you embody this awareness of the signals we get from our feelings. You are very aware of what is left unsaid but is deeply felt and in need of being consoled. This is a great time to reflect on how much you respect this strength of yours. As you show up in this life with a comforting, soothing presence, notice, this season, how your presence is received. Do you know when it is appropriate and healthy for you to be the shoulder to cry on? Do you know how to communicate when you need emotional support? Can you tell when you may be smothering someone when they aren’t actually looking for that?  This season may help you to understand how to show up as this sensitive, in tune, and caring person while also respecting the individuality of yourself and others. 


Scorpio, as a water sign,  you tend to feel supported by fellow Water Energy, which for the next four weeks or so is Cancer. Believe it or not, but Cancer tends to aid you in softening your energy and thereby becoming more open to self-discovery and exploration of the world around you. Scorpio engages with life in a very concentrated, intense, and passionate way. You are here to feel and process the most potent of emotions.  You are setting an example of what it looks like to face discomfort and pain and truly transform those burdens into a deeper appreciation of life, love, and passion. However, because of this, sometimes you can get stuck in the fear that abandonment or betrayal are inevitable. When it comes to finding meaning and purpose in this life, you tend to be in constant search of proof that somewhere ‘out there’ is the emotional reassurance and safety that you are looking for. This season supports you in taking on this journey of exploring where you can find places and people and experiences that give you this safe, caring, and nurturing energy that you need in order to do your work of bringing what is dark into the light.  


  Allow yourself to create joy. Seems simple enough, right? The truth is, Pisces, you already have an incredible sensitivity to your environment. Life is a mysterious blend of energies that you are constantly absorbing and making room for. To embody Pisces is to be in a state of flow nearly all of the time. Being gently tossed and moved through the ocean of life events. During Cancer Season, there is an opportunity to wash up on shore and feel the ground beneath your feet once more. Cancer encourages you to reconnect to your personal feelings. As a fellow Water sign, Cancer is sensitive to the rhythms of emotions, as well. However, where Pisces is here to practice acceptance, Cancer is here to protect what is sacred to the individual. During this season, allow yourself to care about what brings joy into your life. Whether it be people, places, or hobbies, allow yourself to nourish these parts of your life. Sometimes Pisces can be such an open energy that there is actually a level of detachment that forms to keep from becoming overwhelmed by everything you may be absorbing. However, for the next few weeks, allow yourself to honor what has sentimental value to you and enjoy your time with these people, in these places and having these experiences. 

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