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Capricorn Season Horoscopes


The beginning of Winter brings the world back into the palm of your hands, Taurus. After last month’s deep inner reflection, the Winter energy positions you to face the outer world. Taurus, what all is out there  waiting for you? For you, Capricorn season is  a time where you can hope to broaden your scope of influences. Taurus,  become  curious about what is going on outside of your normal life! This next month encourages you to get out of the predictable daily schedule  and venture into unfamiliar experiences, narratives and perspectives. Capricorn asks you to think about the longevity of your current worldview. Will the knowledge and wisdom you have earned over the course of your life hold up forever or is it time to broaden your understanding?


Virgo, as we step into Winter,  your attention is turned toward how vividly you are experiencing your life at this moment in time. Capricorn energy encourages you to build something substantially sacred with your precious time and energy. Virgo, you tend to take your leisure time almost if not more seriously than your work. What you create takes time, expertise and the patience to work through setbacks. This is the time of year that encourages you to embrace that creative impulse that drives you to put so much effort into those precious moments of inspiration. Healing the inner- child means allowing yourself to take your creative projects seriously even as others may turn up their nose in disapproval. This delicate  life is not to be wasted on their bad faith and judgements.


The beginning of Winter is actually where your year begins, energetically, Capricorn. This is the season of  YOU. The approach you take to life is incredibly synchronized with the elements of Winter. Understanding the sacredness of time and space, you know how to build something substantial within those limits. There is a weight to the wisdom that carries you through life’s hurdles, but you wear it effortlessly. This month allows you to re-align with your sense of direction and set yourself on the most promising track for the next year to come. Use this energy to remember who you are and where you are going.


Gemini, Winter is the time of year  where your attention is directed to deep inner healing. Capricorn season encourages you to reach within yourself and sit with the parts of your experience that rest in the depths of your soul. This has the potential to be a therapeutic time for you, as you become willing to face your inner truths. This season may bring up feelings of shame or hurt gathered from various moments in  your life. Using this Capricorn energy, you are supported by the Cosmos to patiently move through these more intense emotions and release, little by little, the uncomfortable tension trapped within you. By addressing these hidden truths of your experiences, you set yourself up for a feeling of great relief and resurgence of vitality in the up-coming months.        


Libra, when Winter arrives every year, this is the season to focus on nourishing your private life. How safe and grounded do you feel in your home? Do you have a designated space where you can relax and recharge each day? Capricorn energy brings your attention to your sense of rootedness. Do your current roots have longevity? This is a time of year to contemplate if your current residence allows you to decompress in a way that feels loving and nurturing to you. Can you see yourself caring for your own well-being for the long term in this space and with the other people if you are living with others? This is preferably a quieter time of year for Libra, so that you have time to focus on your home life and get a sense of groundedness before the year continues on.


Aquarius, the beginning of Winter marks the time of year for you where breaking away from the hustle and bustle of the world is essential. Capricorn energy encourages you to take this time to find stillness. There is an opportunity to find acceptance within the last  month of the year: all of the ups and downs, the breakthroughs and the setbacks. They are all equally meaningful and each moment that has occurred adds a greater awareness within you. Capricorn season can be a time to find that sense of immense gratitude for another trip around the Sun and the inner expansion that has taken place since your last trip. Allow this year to melt through you and get ready to flow into your next one.


The beginning of Winter almost always serves as a time of enriching self-development for you, Cancer. As your sign represents the beginning of Summer, you meet your match with the energy of Capricorn, your polar opposite. This is a time of year where you are encouraged to pull together the two sides of this polarity and become just a little more integrated than before. Cancer, a water sign, prioritizes the protection of emotional connection and closeness. Capricorn, an earth sign, prioritizes the preservation of that sentiment through establishing a strong boundary between the threat of the outer world and the sacredness within. This season  is all about finding that balance within you of the tough exterior and soft interior of your soul.


When the Winter Season approaches, your participation in the immediate world around you is very much needed.  Your voice matters all of the time; however, with Capricorn energy being highlighted, your perspective is more likely to reach the right ears. This is a time of year that opens up opportunities to engage with your local environment with a fresh pair of eyes. You spent the last month building up your sense of self-worth, now is the time to actually share yourself, your thoughts, your feelings and your perspective. So, meet up with friends you haven’t seen in a while, get involved in that community you’ve been meaning to connect with,  and find any way that is comfortable for you to let your story be told and heard. You have earned and established a certain wisdom that is unique to you. Don’t be afraid to share it with those willing to hear it.  


Pisces, as Winter falls upon us,  this season directs your attention to your future. What is the vision you have for the life that you are creating? Who is coming along with you? Is having a vision or aspiration even important to you? Capricorn energy encourages you to contemplate more deeply what future you would like to presently support. Allow yourself to ponder what in your life is sacred and how you can craft a future where those elements of your life are as well preserved as possible. This is a time of year to start looking forward and onward. Use this energy to feel inspired by the freedom found in having something to look forward to.


We have reached the peak of your year, Aries. When the Winter Season begins each year, you are encouraged to take a look at your accomplishments. Take in the moments of setbacks with the same level of earnest gratitude as the progress that was made. This is a time of year where you are encouraged to work through your relationship with hard work, success, failure and societal expectations. Think deeply about how the weight is distributed between how much of your sense of achievement comes from approval outside of yourself versus within. Recognize if you respect those people or those systems, or if you have  a conditioned need to prove yourself.  Take this time to contemplate what truly feels fulfilling within your body versus what feels relieving because you successfully avoided disapproval.


At the beginning of Winter, you enter a time of year where your physical sense of well-being becomes the main focus. Capricorn is an energy that allows you to find ways to care for your body. This is an opportunity to rearrange your daily schedule in any way that you comfortably can to relieve your stress levels and find more time to care for your body and mind. Capricorn earns desired results through having patience and being satisfied by small steps forward and even backward. At some point, you can find ease in the predictability of life’s upward and downward movement. Each time we make progress and each time we are asked to pause, and perhaps retrace our steps,  can be seen as a blessing. Leo,  give yourself time to form a new plan and try again. Allow yourself to be aided by the  flow during this Capricorn season. 


  As Winter begins during Capricorn Season, we enter a time of year where your relationship to your self-worth is highlighted. This is a season for building yourself up so that you can have trust in your inner stability to guide you through the rest of your year. Capricorn energy encourages patience with life and patience with yourself. Developing this comfort in slow progression, aids you in trusting your own self-reliance and knowing that you will always have your own back if you are asked to run a marathon towards your goals instead of a sprint. Use this time to build up that sense of long-term self-trust.

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