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June 2022: Wrapping Up Spring and Moving Into Summer


After nearly a month of retrograding, Mercury, the planet of communication, begins to move forward through the zodiac once more. This is going to help us be more decisive and have more clarity. We have spent the last few weeks thoroughly processing the pros and cons of a choice or two. Now we can proceed with responsibility and with realistic intent. There is a chance here to focus our minds and make intentional decisions with fuller awareness of the impact these choices might have on our surroundings.


The summer always brings forth the retrogrades of our outer planets. Saturn, the planet of Responsibility, will be the first to enter its period of reflection. This is a slow-moving planet so the effects will become more apparent over time. Basically, we can use this time frame and reconsider our sense of duty. We have an opportunity to observe the potential benefits and consequences we may face if we take on more responsibility or if we relinquish some of our duties to someone else.

Questions to ponder: How can your life become more manageable and less exhausting? How can you maintain steady growth without becoming overwhelmed by the amount of work you have committed yourself to?


Around the second week of June, the planet of beauty, Venus, meets up with the planet of liberation, Uranus. This could be amazing energy to work with if we are looking to break away from limiting interpersonal dynamics. This is a chance to almost revolutionize our relationship to our own self-worth and appreciation of our value. Uranus is a very independent planet and will teach us how to understand where we personally derive happiness from rather than looking to the status quo to approve every move that we make. There could be a chance that Uranus forces a separation or disruption of sorts in our life to present us with an opportunity to individuate and appreciate our time, energy and money in a different way. Taurus energy simplifies and paired with Uranus andVenus this could look like carving out more alone time in our schedule, cutting away at situationships that are overcomplicating our lives and making more room for the simple things in life that make us individually happy. This transit is letting us know that it is okay to enjoy ourselves when we are alone. This is also a chance to understand our real value. We may realize that what we have to offer the world is not what we wanted or expected, but it is valuable.


Chiron is often referred to as the Wounded Healer. It is an asteroid that represents our most sensitive and vulnerable wounds. It is here to help us heal. It is a beautiful process, but it does sting! When Mars, the planet of personal will, meets up with this asteroid, be prepared to dip into some territory that may be triggering. Again, Chiron’s main objective is to help us strengthen that sensitivity, not overcome it or get rid of it, but honor it.

When the planet of assertiveness, Mars, and the asteroid of sensitivity, Chiron, come together, their energies combine to create themes that may include, dealing with moments where we did not stick up for ourselves; situations where we gave up on ourselves, and times in our lives where we lost steam and confidence. Moreover, it will reveal moments where our boundaries were crossed and we felt like we failed at defending ourselves. This transit may bring on these sensitive topics, but it is designed to help us forgive ourselves, and if possible, others. It will help us to show kindness and understanding to ourselves. This is a time to allow anger to rise to the surface without engaging in self judgment. At the same time, instead of reacting to frustrating situations, there are opportunities to observe and respond while maintaining respect for yourself and the other parties involved.

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