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Libra Season Horoscopes for the Air Signs


Libra Season is a supportive time for Gemini. For the next few weeks, there is space to re-awaken a sense of joy and enthusiasm in your life. This time of year brings to your attention the need to replenish your creative fuel. This is not limited to creative projects, but you might feel the need to restore your willingness to engage and create invigorating moments. Libra Season reminds you that much of your sense of creativity comes from connection with others. Establishing a thoughtful and unique rapport with other people is where Gemini tends to feed its vitality and playfulness. For the next few weeks, take the time to engage in interactions of equal curiosity of the other. Notice if you are engaging in connections with the intention of being liked or with the intention of truly sharing space and honoring each other’s joy.


Your month is finally here, Libra. You embody the symbolism of Autumn all year, but for the next few weeks, your own energy is reflected back to you. A time to assist you in re-aligning with your natural disposition and the direction that you desire to take. This is a month to contemplate how you wish to present yourself and show up in the world. In what ways can you conduct yourself that aligns with a sense of ease? What kind of lifestyle can you start building that supports your energy? Pay attention to how you behave when you feel obligated to keep the peace in order to remain safe versus how you behave when you feel free to share your honest self with people who can hold space for similarities and differences within both of your perspectives.


Libra Season has the potential to be an exciting time of year for you, Aquarius. Every Autumn, you are presented with an entire month of opportunities to expand your perspective on life. After last month’s dedication to reframing heavy emotional wounds into empowering insights, Libra energy opens the world back up to you. This is a month of expansion. Whether it be through study or travel, the next few weeks call you to expand past your day-to-day routine and gain a new perspective through out-of-the ordinary experiences. Pay attention to any hesitation or resistance to growth. Aquarius, How can you support yourself through this month of discovery?

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