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Libra Season Horoscopes for the Fire Signs


As an Aries, you lead the Zodiac as the first Fire Sign. Born around the Spring Equinox, you are here to embody ‘fresh beginnings’ in its purest form. Meeting every experience as if it were brand new gives you the youthful spirit that inspires and energizes the rest of the Zodiac. As we begin to approach Fall, Libra Season seeks to add to your energy by completing the polarity that you are both a part of. Whereas Aries represents purity of action, Libra represents purity of thought. Aries is here to develop trust in one's instincts and ability to courageously brace life as it comes. This month is the time of year that allows you to balance that approach with the Libran ability to consider all outcomes before making a decision. Libra energy also gives Aries the opportunity to seek out support where you would normally rely on your independence. Allow trusted friends and partners to participate in your decisions in a way that feels supportive for your goals this month. A helpful hand wouldn’t hurt every once in a while.


The beginning of Autumn allows you to reacquaint yourself with your local community. Whether that be visiting your hometown or experiencing your current city through fresh eyes. Libra season gives you the opportunity to engage with what is right outside your door and make stimulating connections. This could become a busier time of year for you as Libra supports your daily activities. Spend time with friends who you can have endless conversations with. Connect with siblings and deepen those bonds. This is a month to participate in your world as you are creating it. The other side of this month asks you to pay attention to when you feel obligated to speak politely, but not necessarily honestly, versus when you feel comfortable approaching a conversation with direct kindness.


The beginning of Autumn brings your attention to the broader impact that you are making in the world around you. Libra Season is a time of replenishing ourselves in order to restore balance. For Sagittarius, this month asks you to reflect on your aspirations. Where do these hopes and dreams for a particular future originate from? How much of what you envision is coming from the need to appeal to family or culture? Libra Season gives you the space to consider the support system you desire and what you would need to feel encouraged and uplifted as you move towards your next chapter. There may be encounters with people this month that challenge you to acknowledge where you are desiring the approval of a certain aspirational community or friend group instead of focusing on communities that respect and accept your authentic self.

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