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Libra Season Horoscopes for the Water Signs


Libra Season is a time of replenishment so that we may begin the more introspective portion of Autumn and later Winter with balanced energy. This is a very personal time of year for you, Cancer. Libra season is a time to recharge your batteries in privacy and within your comfort zone and around the people who are most comfortable for you. For the next few weeks, take note of how strongly your home environment affects your general well-being. Take the time to notice within your family relationships where you may be trying to gain approval for the sake of temporary safety and belonging. Cancer, notice what kind of support you may need in order to feel safer showing up honestly and authentically in these deep-rooted connections.


As Autumn begins, Scorpio experiences a month of rest, recuperation and introspection. This is a time each year for you to make time for quiet and solitude. Getting away from the noise and soothing your soul becomes a top priority this month. During Libra season every year, you are reminded what lies at the core of Scorpio’s drive for emotional depth and intimacy-the need for blissful companionship.This month, take note of encounters you have with people that cause an anxious reaction within you. Sit with those signals of disharmony and contemplate where they are coming from. What fear is being activated when your interactions with others fall into disarray? Libra Season is a time to spend moments of your day unwinding, zoning out and tuning in so that you can replenish yourself with supportive insight.


Libra Seasons draws you deeper into your healing journey, Pisces. The start of Autumn allows you another opportunity to lighten the emotional and spiritual baggage you may be carrying throughout this year. Every Autumn, you have the chance to use this energy to peel away layers of hurt around the give and take of interpersonal connections. As a Mutable Water sign, Pisces revels in the Oneness of us all. Universal experiences provide a feeling of peace for you. However, Libra Season asks you to consider how you can still show up in your one -to- one connections with the willingness to support each other as the individuals that you are. Even if you can tap into that all-encompassing compassion, this month encourages you to tend to the individual life that is still being created here on Earth. Take the time to consider how you will show up in relationship with others without losing yourself in an unequal partnership or tapping out completely.

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