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May Astrology

This May will host one of the most significant energetic shifts of 2023. Jupiter will bring with it the main themes and lessons of this month. Jupiter , The Lord Of Opportunity and Good Luck. Expansion and Growth, is The Planetary Representation of an Enthusiastic Yes!

Jupiter enter Taurus : May 16th, 2023 through May 25th, 2024.

Let’s consider the mythology behind this gaseous planet. Known for its Roman name, Jupiter, this planet has another recognizable title found in Greek Mythology- Zeus, the God Of Olympus. In his story, Zeus represented the last bit of hope Olympus had as they attempted to overthrow the current rigid powers. Zeus represented the promise of a freer world and he went on to make it happen. Over throwing his father, Kronos (Saturn), and becoming the new power of Olympus. Unfortunately, once established as the new leader, Zeus was not able to offer a "freer world" as he once promised. Instead, he became infamous for his greed, gluttony and his entitled behavior.

When we experience this Jupiter energy for ourselves, it tends to present us with experiences which require the need to find hope in the face of uncharted territory. We tend to be dropped into circumstances without a map or manual. We have to figure it out as we go. By believing that we will eventually get something out of these experiences, we are able to be open to the growth that is being asked of us. Jupiter encourages growth when there is a purpose behind it. We are intentionally choosing to broaden our horizons and give ourselves more room to explore this life.

On the other hand, Jupiter is also where we can feel obligated to take on every opportunity that comes our way without using our discernment to vet what experiences will be worth our time and what experiences will lead to burnout. Much lik the Myth of Zeus, we can become overzealous in our quest for growth. Leading us to over promise and then not being able to follow through. In order to avoid getting swept up in this form of gluttony, Jupiter teaches us to manage our energy by becoming aware of our limits. We do not have to say yes to every opportunity. It’s ok to miss out on something if it means you can be available for a better opportunity later. Jupiter shows us that awareness of our limits is a form of self-care. Remember, we can always allow ourselves to pause, recuperate and then continue on our path of growth.

For the past five months, Jupiter has been traveling through the Cardinal Fires of Aries. Here, we have been expanding our understanding of self-respect, self-advocacy and bravery. We have been coming upon circumstances that are encouraging us to trust our right to take up space. Emphasis has been on us discovering how all of our experiences came together to influence our current identity. Jupiter In Aries has helped us feel comfortable taking up more space and respecting our individuality for all of its potential while also respecting the unique limits of our perspective that allows us to actually have some originality in our viewpoints.

During the month of May, Jupiter will build on top of those lessons by moving into the Fixed Earth sign of Taurus. Some keywords for Taurus energy include Self-Worth, Self-Esteem, Self-Sufficiency, Sustainability, Abundance and Security. For the next year, we will be broadening our understanding of how to honor our personal resources in order to maintain a certain quality of life without over-exerting ourselves.

When we talk about resources, Taurus represents the value of our energy, time, talents and skills. This Earth energy is very aware of what an equal exchange of value looks like. A healthy Taurus knows how much compensation they should receive as they utilize thier resources. Jupiter in Taurus is allowing us to explore how we can build a more sustainable connection to our sense of value. It empowers us to learn to honor our need to rest and our own boundaries by listening to the needs of our bodies instead of willing ourselves to push through the discomfort. We are discovering ways to water our own gardens so that we have a consistent amount of value to offer to ourselves.

Taurus may receive the reputation for being lazy or even miserly; however, this is an unfortunate judgmental take on this sign that just happens to have a solid understanding of its worth. This energy has nothing to prove. Taurus knows what it can do well and is not concerned with impressing anyone. Taurus is a sign of steady perseverance and determination in times of uncertainty. While Jupiter is here in Taurus, we will be encouraged to satiate our physical needs and sustain ourselves through building a solid ground of our own making.

Another observation we see from Taurus is the tendency to relish in the gifts of this physical world, thus acquiring a reputation for being materialistic and shallow. However, these next few months are encouraging us to approach the Taurus energy with some open-mindedness. This is not a sign all about Designer handbags and expensive desserts. Taurus, at its core, appreciates the Earth and the simple luxuries that we are provided. Abundance comes from walking on the lawn barefoot with the Sun warming up our cheeks rather than booking a first class ticket on a deluxe international flight. Taurus is actually very easily satiated by the sensory comforts that may not be thrilling but are soothing.

There is ease in the simplicity of appreciating the pleasure of our physical sensations. Moving slowly and having patience fills up our day with substance. We may even see a rise of interest in such topics as Herbalism, Gardening, Woodwork and any other activities that fall under the category of ‘Cozy Hobbies’. Jupiter In Taurus is encouraging curiosity around how to work with the Earth rather than against it. Learning to be caretakers of this planet instead of depleting its resources for temporary gain.

Questions: How can we build a lifestyle that allows us to nurture and nourish the land we occupy as it nourishes us?

Jupiter exploring the energy of Taurus will begin in May but will go on to affect us for the rest of the year. Explore your version of relaxation; Explore what satisfaction looks and feels like for yourself. Don't forget to discover what you need in your environment to self-soothe and maintain inner peace. This is a time to build up our self-knowledge, so that we do not easily give too much of ourselves to the rest of the world.

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