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The Astrology of April


April is the time of year where Spring is in full bloom! This is the true beginning of the yearly cycle according to Western Tropical Astrology, which follows the Spring Equinox into the Summer Solstice, followed by the Autumn Equinox and then ending with the Winter Solstice. We are being brought back to life after a cold and heavy winter. This is the time to plant new seeds and tend to their growth.


Monday, April 3rd - Sunday, June 11th.

April 3rd, the Planet Of Communication, Mercury, moves into the Fixed Earth Sign, Taurus. Let’s break this down. Mercury is known as the Messenger of the Gods. He brings information back and forth from the Underworld to Olympus. In our charts, this energy rules over how we learn and share information with our external environment. The transiting Mercury tells us what our minds may focus on as it moves through the fixed Earth energies of Taurus. We are learning to listen to the intelligence of our bodies’ signals and the specific way it communicates with us.

This is a longer time than usual for Mercury to spend in a sign as it begins its Retrograde on April 21st. Meaning, that it will start to appear to be moving backwards and retrace its steps through the Taurus energy. This is a time for us to pause, reflect and more thoroughly process our thoughts and opinions. There is a powerful influence in Astrology right now, urging us to make significant changes to our Lifestyle and Identity. We are in the process of becoming an updated version of ourselves. This Mercury Retrograde will help us carve out time to think deeply about what direction we are trying to take in order to build a Solid and Stable Foundation as we make these changes.

Taurus wants to indulge in the sensory gifts of this physical world. In one way or another Taste, Touch, Sight, Scent and Sound are all valuable parts of the human experience. Finding a way to support a lifestyle that allows us the space and time to get the most out of our material experience is an important theme this month. Honoring the needs of our physical bodies will directly affect our future. We cannot be of value in promoting the wellness of our communities if we are depleted of our own inner sources of energy, knowledge and beauty. Moreover, April is a time where we can take a moment to reflect on what our bodies really need to feel full, satisfied and stable enough to then offer our best to the rest of the world when we choose.

As we contemplate on how we can bring a sense of groundedness into our lives, the other focus of this Mercury Retrograde is the on-going conversation between Emotional Complexity and Material Simplicity. We are moving away from the burden of our deepest wounds and the hold they have over our sense of abundance. The entanglements we may have found ourselves invested in up to this point in life have become almost suffocating. We are now being called to redirect this ruminating energy towards building up our self-worth by focusing on the ease and straight-forwardness of physical pleasure. When we honor our physical needs by providing ourselves with the necessary resources to feed our souls, it becomes fairly easy to trust our body when it tells us something is healthy versus harmful for us. We can slowly repurpose the energy we have been using to apply temporary relief for our old pains into energy we can use to build a more consistent and sustainable life that provides progress and value to our existence. Instead of bandaging up the same wound over and over, we are learning to build a beautiful, nourishing and pleasurable life that can support our healing for the long-term. By the end of the Retrograde, May 14th, we may have a better idea of what this looks like for each of us.

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