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November Astrology



One of the first main energies of this month will be felt certainly throughout the next several weeks but will take place on Tuesday, November 8th. The second Lunar Eclipse of the year will be entering the chat. This time, Taurus themes take center stage. In Astrological terms, eclipses happen when a new moon or a full moon occur in close proximity or to the exact degree of the lunar nodes. The nodes , North and South, are calculated points derived from the position of the moon. They can be seen as symbols of destiny and soul growth. Since January of this year, collectively, we have been learning lessons stemming from the Taurus/Scorpio axis- Simplicity versus Complexity, Self-Reliance versus Enmeshment. These are only a few of the themes.

Think back to Taurus Season of this year. Around April and May, we experienced a Solar Eclipse in Taurus and a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. Think about the feelings and thoughts that came up around that time. Six months later, we are experiencing the underbelly of those themes. Whereas during Taurus season, we were wrestling with how to break free and become more independent. Scorpio energy encourages us to look at the emotional fallout of the choices we have made or are thinking of making. The turmoil we may feel doesn’t need to be a sign that we should have made a different decision. Saying “goodbye,” ending something or cutting the cord no matter how better off we may be, will come with grief, sadness and nostalgia for what is no longer a part of our lives.

This Lunar Eclipse in Taurus will be illuminating how the moves we made to simplify our lives have given us more agency over our time, money and energy. At the same time, we may face how that has affected us emotionally and psychologically. As we mature, we can realize the separation was needed in order for us to gain more autonomy. Even if in the end, the loss feels heavy on our hearts. At least we came out of it with a bigger say in the trajectory of our own life and some sense of freedom.

Questions To Ask…

In what ways have we claimed more independence over our lives?

How has that self-sufficiency helped us mature?

What feelings consume us as we process the loss that occurred in order for us to have more agency?

Crystal Recommendations:

Black Tourmaline: To protect your energy.

Onyx: To help you process your deeper feelings without becoming engulfed by them. This also carries the energy of luck,wealth and fortune!


Towards the end of November, we are going to have several planets make their entry into Sagittarius energy. This is the reprieve that we have been waiting for. Scorpio season will be a sea of choppy waters in comparison to the flame being sparked in this coming fiery season. Sagittarius reintroduces hope in the biggest way when it enters a space. Maybe it's grounded in reality or maybe it only takes up space in our visions. Either way, the adrenaline that stirs up from allowing ourselves to chase inspiration again is worth feeling.

On November 16th, Venus,The Planet of Pleasure, enters this fiery space. The very next day, Mercury , The Planet of Communication, follows and these two travel closely together for several weeks. Venus represents our social interactions and desires for smooth, pleasant connections to be made. Mercury represents how we share our thoughts and spread our message. This is going to be a great time to brainstorm how we hope the next year will look. Sagittarius energy is expansive and optimistic. Its worst crime is taking on more than it can handle out of pure excitement for the potential of every opportunity.

On November 22nd, the Sun will move into Sagittarius and on Wednesday,November 23rd, we will have the New Moon in Sagittarius. There is going to be an excessive amount of this fiery energy to guide us into December. Make use of this lighter portion of the year, find some room in your heart for the opportunities of 2023, and what may result from all the inner work we have been committed to over the last several years.

Questions To Ask…

What are our hopes for next year?

What opportunities do we want to be prepared for?

How can we be open to new inspiration?

Crystal Recommendations

Aventurine: To help lift your spirits, soothe and calm your soul, and relax your body.

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