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October Astrology Forecast

This October is not quite the epic finale of 2022, but it most certainly might be a peak in this year’s story. This marks the halfway point between the beginning of one astrological year (The Spring Equinox) and the start of the next one. October hosts the season of Libra, completing the Aries/Libra polarity. This is a yearly checking in point. Whereas Aries season requires action, Libra season encourages deliberation. We have three more months of 2022 and six- months left in the astrological year. These next few weeks are going to help us wrap up the second half of the year by allowing us time to consider the ground we have covered so far and how much more there may be to go.



The first week of this month, we will be experiencing the two most jovial planets in the sky go head to head. Venus, the planet representing love, value, beauty and relationship will be entering the sign of Libra. In this Cardinal Air sign, Venus actually finds a lot of comfort as it traditionally rules this energy. Libra is very stylish. Taking the Venusian theme of attractiveness and combining it with the active principle of this airy element, Libra seeks to design its external environment in a way that is pleasing to all parties involved. This aesthetic can manifest visually and also socially. Libra has an even temperament and an agreeable disposition. However, it still completes one half of Aries. Therefore, Libra can easily match the competitive nature of Cardinal Fire with its own need to produce respectable results.

Speaking of Aries, Jupiter, the other planet influencing our first week of the month, will be sitting directly across Venus in this fiery sign. The giant gas planet in the sky traditionally rules over expansion, good luck, opportunity and cultural customs. It tends to drop us into brand new territory so that we are forced to take chances and trust the process rather than the outcome. We stumble through Jupiter experiences, gaining wisdom through true life experiences as we go. In Aries, we have been given opportunities to expand our sense of self-respect, independence, and even bravery.

As these two planets sit on opposing ends of the zodiacal wheel, we may experience an increase in restlessness for something more than what we are currently living through. We may look around and realize we want more from life. Jupiter is all about adventure and Venus is all about pleasure. We could be feeling overwhelmed by how much more we want out of life but don't currently have the means to seek out. Our relationships (Libra /Venus) may feel stifling and restricting vs the potential freedom we might have if we acted without permission (Aries Jupiter), however, we are also aware of how lonely we would feel without our current connections. When we can see how much more is out there to explore, we can use this as inspiration and hope or discouragement and imprisonment.

This combination of energies talking to each other can help us grow our sense of self - worth by furthering our understanding of our right to take up space and honor and respect ourselves just as much as we need to honor and respect others. Venus Opposite Jupiter can expand our social circles, introducing us to people who excite us, teach us, and help us grow.



Again, the theme of growing increasingly restless towards what we once were so dependent on continues throughout the month. We have had quite a heavy dose of Saturn over the last couple of years and this month is no different. The planet of cultural responsibility, maturity and delayed gratification has been pushing up against Uranus, the planet of unexpected change, rebellious acts and provocative acts of autonomy. This has been causing us to feel a great sense of obligation towards social responsibilities. Meeting expectations of an idea of who we should aspire to be.

In contrast to Saturn, Uranus is calling into question how much we may be restricting our own potential by committing to responsibilities that are not actually ours to hold, but we have taken them on out of guilt and obligation. There is a feeling of wanting to break free from imposed labels that make it arguably easier to navigate society but harder to love and value our own identity. Be cautious of reaching a breaking point this month. Make sure that if the band-aid is pulled off, it is done with intention and not out of uncontrollable reaction. Make sure the significant and possibly radical changes you are making are done with intention and are well-thought out. We have had nearly three years with this energy to prepare for a rebellious act. Make it count!


Around the middle of the month, things get fun. And by fun, I mean challenging. This is when we really have to be aware of our emotional triggers and sensitivities. Expressing high amounts of gentleness and kindness will be the key to working through this period of time. The main energy involved is one of Chiron, the Wounded Healer. This is an asteroid that represents our frailty as humans and the empathy that is developed through the acceptance of that. Chiron deals with our sensitive areas and our relationship to perceived weakness. If we are not aware, we can drown within the hurt of this energy. On the other hand, if we focus on kindness and validation, Chiron teaches us how to see the humanity in those deeper sensitivities we may have and make room for the love of the very human parts of this experience.

We first have the Sun and Venus in Libra form an opposition to Chiron in Aries. The Sun strengthens and activates anything it touches. Venus romanticizes and pines for some form of pleasure and happiness in whatever configuration it lies within. With these two energies facing off with Chiron, we are having to confront feelings of being unlikeable, unloveable and undeserving of respect. The Aries/Libra polarity represents self-respect versus mutual respect. As Chiron moves through Aries, we are coming to terms with where we have been made to feel selfish for protecting and looking out for ourselves. We observe the ways where we might have felt that any attempt to defend our personhood resulted in a discouraging defeat. As we have planets in Libra showing us the other side of this equation, this week’s energies can help us see more clearly what relationships allow us to play an equally respected role and which relationships require us to shrink and go without needs.

Tensions will be high this week and Chiron is no stranger to having salt poured in its wounds. I recommend validating your feelings and acknowledging your hurt, but showing yourself and others grace for being human and therefore growing in a non-linear way. We hurt each other, we fall short of what we aspire to be, and we let our past hurts dictate our current reactions. Chiron in Aries is teaching us how to confront these deep wounds of disrespect we may feel within our relationships through recognizing the human struggle of finding the perfect balance between owning one’s identity and having a healthy amount of self-interest- while also maintaining equality with others and making room for their identities and needs.



On October 9th, the Full Moon will shine bright in Aries. Again, the themes of Chiron show up as the Moon lands right on top of this energy. As we have been discussing, Aries is the only Cardinal Fire sign in the zodiac. Cardinal energy seeks to produce results and Fire energy is fueled by self-expression and exploring the experience of having a ‘self’ to embody. Full Moons are times we come into certain insights that clear up something that we were not able to see or understand fully up until now. I repeat, make sure to validate your own emotions and experience. This is a very sensitive lunar phase. We need to be very gentle with ourselves and others at this time.

Trying to get along with others cannot go without meeting our own needs. Meeting our own needs cannot go without getting along with others. This is the lesson we have been learning with Chiron in Aries. We are learning that we need others just as much as we need ourselves. But then we have to ask the question: how do we have it all? We may have to face up to the fact that there are people we love who cannot or will not meet us in the middle. We can love them without attaching to the way that they treat us. This can look like accepting a less intimate and or special connection with someone we love in order to maintain self-respect and self-preservation. Losing that level of depth or closeness with someone can trigger feelings of abandonment, neglect, rejection and guilt, but it may be worth it. And so, I bring up bravery in regards to this transit because Aries represents our personal will to act in our own self-interest. It does take some nerve to distance ourselves from those we love deeply and risk the isolation and conflict that may come with that decision.



As we move into the second half of the month, Libra continues to work its charm as it starts to play ball with Pluto who currently resides in Capricorn. Pluto represents power through having awareness of the full potential of our impact on an environment. Awareness is developed through integrating the conscious and subconscious parts of ourselves. Awareness is developed through taking ownership over our ability to manipulate our environments in a destructive or restorative way. We have personal power when we have ownership over the motivations behind our actions and emotions.

Libra Sun will bring to our attention what parts of human nature we are most fearful of witnessing in ourselves and how they are adding to any unresolved power struggles. Unresolved feelings of pain, shame, rejection and abandonment may bubble to the surface. This part of October will have us confronting the subconscious behaviors we may have that destroy our sense of vitality and self-worth. This can be a time to realize our own resourcefulness. Power comes from accepting the truth and working with what we have rather than what we desire. Sometimes what we have or what we are may not be heavenly and pure, but it is real. These displeasing qualities can be honored in an insightful way rather than letting them rot from within and corrupt the beautiful and charming qualities we have along with them.


The last two weeks of October contain some interesting astrology. First and foremost, The Sun and Venus, who have been strolling through Libra one after the other, are finally going to collide around October 23rd. This is happening both one time in Libra on the 22nd and then into the very next day, they will simultaneously move into Scorpio. Whenever planets connect with the Sun, we call this a Cazimi. The planets become consumed by the rays of the Sun, therefore absorbing its warmth. It acts as a symbolic sunrise and new beginning for the planet in question. Cazimis are known for bringing clarity.

For Venus, this may be clarity within relationship issues, self - worth issues and even personal finances. The Sun may bring strength and confidence to our sense of beauty and self-esteem. Strengthening our connection to our own preferences and values, likes and dislikes. We could use this energy to feel more certain of our preferences and priorities. Having the courage to feel more likable and deserving of connection. With the Sun shining its warmth on the planet of Love, we could be realizing how much we need each other and how important relating and connecting is to the human race. I like this Cazmimi, and I am hopeful for its effects on our relationship politics. In Libra, we may see an increased confidence in settling disputes, finding common ground and creating fair dynamics. In Scorpio, we may see an increased confidence in our emotional depth and resilience, our need for intimacy and bonds, our expression of our sexuality.


The second eclipse season of this year actually begins October 11th and will run through November 22nd. It stretches from two weeks before the Solar Eclipse and two weeks after the Lunar Eclipse. Eclipse seasons are periods where time moves at a different pace. The energy of this time will affect us for years to come, it may be subtle, it may be dramatic but it is definitely meaningful and significant for each of us. If we cannot make sense of it now, we can expect to make sense of it in the future. Eclipses occur when there is a new moon or full moon close to either the South Node or North Node. The Nodes are significant points of destiny and soul growth.

This year, we have eclipses in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio. The first set of these were in April of 2022, during Taurus Season. Think back to that time because similar themes will reappear now. Taurus and Scorpio represent the Axis of Security. We see the dichotomies of simplicity versus complexity, self-reliance versus enmeshment, and satiation versus exhaustion play out between these two signs.

The Solar Eclipse, taking place on October 25th, is about a new beginning. However, this eclipse is on the South Node. This means that we will receive a fresh perspective on our past or a familiar narrative. This is an opportunity to renew our appreciation for ourselves and our emotional and psychological depth. We may no longer be innocent and we may feel damaged, broken, scorned, amongst other emotions, but the layers that create our self-concept give us depth. They give us a story and perspective. This can be that opportunity to re-frame and repurpose our understanding of our emotional strength and depth.



In a similar way to Mercury Retrogrades, every other planet aside from the two luminaries (Sun and Moon), can also experience a retrograde cycle. For Mars, this happens around every two years. The planet of individual will power undergoes a more introspective period of time from October 30th - January 12th. This is around a two and a half month stretch that we can use to reassess our next steps forward. The relationship we have to our own will power will be in question. The human need to produce desired results through our own efforts is an important aspect of developing trust in ourselves and therefore confidence in our actions. However, most of us have experienced our efforts being thwarted, our energy levels being depleted and overall feeling unmotivated from time to time. The will to take action and make something happen can be fleeting, and it’s for good reason.

When we have a Mars Retrograde, physical and energetic rest are required. These next few months serve as a preparation period. We can harness the most of our energy and strength when we let our physical forms recuperate and recover. Retrogrades serve us the most benefit when we are open to their restorative effects. Now, Mars will be in the Mutable Air sign of Gemini for the entirety of this transit. Mutable meaning flexible and adaptable. Air meaning intellectual and social. To me, this appears almost like an extended Mercury Retrograde as it is the planet ruling Gemini. Not only are we to relax our bodies, but also our minds. My recommendation for this transit, is to use the recovery time to think through properly and thoroughly how you are going to manage your daily activities moving forward to honor your natural energy levels instead of pushing against them.

Let’s speak a little bit about some other energies that will be interacting with Mars during the month of October. From the middle of the month and forward, Neptune, the planet representing spirituality and the intangible, will be putting pressure on Mars from the vantage point of Pisces. This energy is going to be pushing us to act from a more spiritual place. Pushing us to detach from concrete results and gains and act for the sake of experiencing rather than acting for the sake of gaining, moving, increasing, and so and so forth. We can accept the limitations of our individual will in comparison to the vastness of the universe; not allowing that to be discouraging but relieving. The weight of the world does not have to rest on our shoulders alone. We can allow our actions to be non-linear and within that, experience the wonder and imagination that transpires when we don’t have to be in control of everything.

Towards the end of October, Jupiter will also move into Pisces and start effecting this Martian energy. Jupiter expands and inflates whatever it interacts with. We could be feeling overwhelmed by how much we may have signed up for. As well as, feeling overwhelmed by how much ground we want to cover and how far we want to grow from our current position and feeling very restless for expansion but life may not be lining up in a way that allows us to do everything all at once. I reiterate, these next few months will test our ability to honor recovery over fast-paced results.

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