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Sagittarius Season Horoscopes


After the deep healing that took place during Scorpio Season, we move into the opportunistic attitude of Sagittarius Season. The next few weeks will provide you with the time to re-acquaint yourself with the broader world around you. Moving Forward,  if you spent last season moving through the emotional depths of your inner experience,  Sagittarius’ energy gives you the space to look outward and look onward from the position you are currently occupying. It is important to ask yourself this season, how can you  continue your healing journey by moving back into the world and allowing new experiences to fill you up with life once more?  


As we enter into Sagittarius Season, this is a time of year that allows your inner-child to become your loudest voice. For the next few weeks, the buoyant, optimistic energy of Sagittarius allows you to contemplate where you can find more freedom in your life. This is a wild, carefree and open energy to tap into and let your inner-child breathe again. Take the time to reflect on how romantic your life is right now. This is not limited to relationships, but more so, think about your approach to all aspects of your life. Do you have enough time to dream, create or play? If not, this season allows you to explore your creative life in order to heal deeper unbranded childhood wishes. 


As we move into this energy, we enter your season, Sagittarius! The next few weeks are completely focused on the presence you have in this world. After the inner reflection that took place during Scorpio Season, this time of year now allows  you to embody yourself fully and take back the reins of your selfhood. Sagittarius Season gives you the time and space to re-align with the direction you would like your life to take. This is a time to listen to your voice and follow your instincts, Sagittarius. This is a time to build trust in your personal guidance and own your decisions.


Sagittarius Season marks the time of year that has the potential to be one  of the more healing seasons for you, Taurus. These next few weeks give you the space to reach deep into your soul and explore the inner workings of your emotional life. Sagittarius energy reminds you of the great trust that your soul has in the expansive wisdom of the Cosmos as long as you allow yourself to access it through the healing journey. This season gives you the opportunity to strengthen that inner-knowing that the Universe always hands out second chances even if they may show up differently than you’d expect. 


Virgo, Sagittarius Season brings your attention to your own personal life and away from the external pressures of the outer world. For the next few weeks, the focus moves towards the root of your experience, home and family. Ponder how free you feel in the comfort of your own space, Virgo. Do you have room to move around, breathe and feel at ease? Sagittarius Energy serves to remind you that at the root of Virgo’s soul, there is a need for that wild, carefree openness that Sagittarius embodies. So, this season gives you the time to reflect on how your private space may or may not be providing you that sense of ease and lightness that is so needed in order for you to be able to recharge your energy. 


When we enter Sagittarius Season, a time for inner reflection becomes the focus. This is a season that encourages you to take a step away from daily stresses and make time for true stillness and rest. It has been nearly twelve months since the last Sagittarius Season which means you have lived an entire year of life. These next few weeks give you the opportunity to take time to reflect on your past year and find compassion for every moment that you have lived. How can you deepen your connection with your own spiritual wellness by offering yourself wholeness and complexity? Capricorn’s soul knows more than anyone on how expansive the inner self really is and the capacity you have to fill yourself up with wisdom through your lived experiences. So, give yourself the infinite space to become more self-accepting, forgiving and aware. 


As Sagittarius Season begins, we enter the part of the year that opens up an opportunity for you to embrace qualities that you may not feel comfortable owning in general. Gemini and Sagittarius are each other’s polar opposites. Gemini represents the need to gather information, skills and satisfy our mental curiosities. Sagittarius represents the urge to gather new experiences, broaden our knowledge and expand our worldview. So, the next few weeks allows you the opportunity to feel deserving of the freedom and experiential openness of Sagittarius. Use this energy to dream bigger and dream further into the life that you hope to experience. 


Throughout Sagittarius Season, it’s important to give yourself the permission to feel more free in your local environment. This is a season that encourages you to get out of the house but not necessarily out of your comfort zone. This time of year is an opportunity for you to engage with your local community as a way to get out of your head and feel present in your daily life. Sagittarius, a fire sign, creates opportunities by embracing a certain openness to each experience. Without judgment, let yourself live a little this season. Embrace a more carefree attitude where you can and understand that this does not require you to avoid responsibilities, but rather gives you the power to set yourself free on your own terms and in your own small ways. 


Sagittarius Season is the last leg of your year, Aquarius. This is the season where you can start looking towards what you are aspiring to in the next year. Who are you surrounding yourself with as you reach for the stars, Aquarius? Take this carefree and open Sagittarius energy to connect with like-minded, supportive friends, groups and communities in the hopes that these interactions will serve as inspiration for the year to come. We all need encouragement from others and these next few weeks are the time where you may need to seek out that reassurance from others that your higher aspirations are waiting for you somewhere in the future. 


As we move into Sagittarius Season, this wild and carefree energy is encouraging you to care for yourself more routinely. These next few weeks bring your attention to your stress levels. Take this time to observe throughout the day what sets you off and what cools you down. How can you care for yourself when stress begins to rise, Cancer? Sagittarius energy encourages you to find freedom in your daily schedule. Allow for a sense of open-ended wandering, even on your busiest day this season. This is the time of year where we get to look towards the horizon and find something to be hopeful about. Allow yourself to feel inspired by your willingness to care for your body, mind and soul. 


Scorpio, Sagittarius Season is a time where you can build up your foundation of self-worth. When we know we can always rely on ourselves through thick and thin, we become more open to life and the connections we can make from a healthy state. This season gives you the space to focus on building up that self trust. It isn’t said very often, but Scorpio energy maintains its inner resilience by maintaining an optimistic, light-hearted outlook on life. Sagittarius energy reminds you that, even though there is strength in being able to handle the dark, there is also strength in being able to take those insights from the shadows  and pour your energy into life, once more. So, take these next few weeks to build that self-reliance and trust that you can always lift yourself up and create a new path from within a seemingly dead-end situation using your inner resourcefulness. 


Sagittarius Season is the time of year where life experiences hit a peak. This energy brings your focus to the effort you have put into this past year. Whether that be career, relationships or personal development, the work you have put into this part of life will start to show some results. This is a time of year that asks you to be present and engage with the world purposefully and maturely. Sagittarius Season offers a  time to contemplate what your relationship to success and failure looks like. Think about how much of your concept of success is based on your own values versus those of the world around you. For the next few weeks, reflect on what it will take to align your external sense of achievement with your internal sense of fulfillment. 

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