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Scorpio Season Horoscope


Gemini, Scorpio Season gives you the opportunity to realign your priorities with the activities that are in the best interest of your physical health and well-being. This season is a time of year for you to focus on rearranging your schedule so that you have time to take care of your physical health needs. Take these next few weeks to adjust your daily routine in a way that leaves you with less stress throughout the day and more ways to decompress. Scorpio energy tends to be an empowering one and for Gemini. The inner resilience is most present in your ability to take care of your health and manage stress in a way that allows you to build trust in your own strength.


During the Scorpio season, the focus turns towards empowering yourself through building a sense of trust in your ability to support yourself. This is the time of year that reminds you of your strengths, talents and skill-set, Libra. Scorpio energy allows you to embrace independence in a way that solidifies a sense of knowing that you can always rely on yourself, whether you have other forms of support or not. These next few weeks are an opportunity to reignite an inner sense of fortitude based on self-knowledge and inner resilience.


Scorpio Season in many ways, represents the peak of your year. Throughout the course of this season, you may be called to take on more responsibility. With an empowering energy like Scorpio, this time is meant to focus on your relationship to personal fulfillment and how you can build a sense of trust in your ability to find creative solutions to any obstacles that may arise. The potential found in Scorpio is the magical ability to turn the tides in your favor using your perceptive insights and passionate determination. Utilizing your resourcefulness this season will open up opportunities for you to reinvigorate your sense of personal accomplishment.

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