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Scorpio Season Horoscopes


Taurus, this season feels more like the halfway point in the year for you then it does for any other sign. Scorpio energy represents your other half and when you enter into this season, it creates an opportunity to tap into energy that you usually have deactivated within. Your usual approach to life is to secure a peaceful and solid environment, this season asks you to dive deeper into the many layers of your experience. Finding that sense of passion and invigoration can add to your sense of wholeness. Allowing yourself to be that dependable energy while also allowing yourself to embrace vulnerability enough to deepen a connection with your own self-knowledge. Taurus is fantastic at appreciating the beauty of this physical realm; however, Scorpio encourages Taurus to appreciate the beauty of their powerful and raw emotional life.


Scorpio season invites you to re-acquaint yourself with the environment which surrounds you, Virgo. This could turn out to be a busier season for you as you may be introduced to opportunities that fill up your day with lots of activity and chatter. Scorpio energy also may draw you back into your early childhood experiences. That first introduction to the world outside of your family stays with us for our whole lives. This season may take you back to those foundational days, where your perspective was just beginning to form. Think about what experiences really embedded themselves into your narrative. The next few weeks gives you the chance to retell your story in a way that empowers the adult version of yourself to face the reality currently in front of you.


Capricorn, Scorpio season brings focus to your future and who is supporting your higher aspirations. Scorpio energy encourages you to reach out to your community and or friendship circle for more support and deeper connection. After last season’s focus on your achievements, this season directs you towards what is next in life. Capricorn feels the most invigorated when they can move upward and with purpose. This season gives you time to visualize where you aspire to be and who you aspire to have around you in the next year, decade or lifetime overall. If there is any anxiety around the next step or doubt about even being able to come close to those ideals, then this month allows you to face those fears and reframe some of your thinking patterns so that you can empower yourself to believe in your future.

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