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Taurus Season Horoscopes


This year, Taurus Season could present the opportunity for another step closer to financial independence. This is the time of year to focus on the quality of your lifestyle and how you are earning and spending resources in order to support that lifestyle. This is a chance to honor and appreciate your self-sustaining skill sets and talents that you know you can lean on. A moment of liberation built from your own sense of self-sufficiency. This season is about embracing the abundance that you have built for yourself and that you are currently building.


Taurus Season tends to be the peak of your year, Leo. This time around, the focus is on considering the quality of your personal sense of achievement. What dictates your sense of success versus  setbacks? This is an opportunity to shift away from the possible pressure of accumulating achievements for the sake of your reputation and move towards personally acknowledging your own milestones. The steps in your journey that have felt the most fulfilling may seem simple or small in comparison to the expectations of the greater society.

However, this season provides an opportunity for liberation from these external pressures and allows you to recognize the different stages of your success without the presence of judgment or doubt. 


The Taurus Season of this year may present an opportunity of liberation from certain expectations around fitness, health, and productivity that are actually more discouraging than encouraging. This is a time to consider the quality of your relationship to wellness. Rather than overcommitting or over-exhausting yourself daily, this season may bring in a moment of clarity around how to shift your mentality towards the quality of your daily routine. Focusing on what energizes your body and what helps your body recover, along with creating healthy boundaries for yourself, is essential in order to build a sustainable daily wellness practice.


The focus of this month is very much on how you choose to show up in the world. The next few months will shine a bright light on not just your own sense of self but also how much that aligns with the way others view you. Are you showing up the way you think you are? Is your presentation received in the ways that you’d like it to be? Taurus season has the potential to grant you a moment of clarity around what role you have been playing and what role you are moving towards in order to have a greater sense of liberated self-determination. Consider the quality of the energy you are showing up with.


This Taurus Season may present to you opportunities that truly expand your worldview and allow you to discover new ways you can value this life. This season could be a time of gaining experience and earning the wisdom that comes from being receptive to the abundance of valuable cultures, beliefs, and historical knowledge that are waiting to give you more context about the world you are living in. Virgo, this is the time of year to embrace study of some kind. Whether it be formal or informal types of study, this is an opportunity to create a sense of purpose through valuing the process of discovering all that you do not know. 


Self-Expression is the focus for you during this Taurus Season, Capricorn! Reclaiming your creative energy is encouraged. Taking it upon yourself to feel free in your expression. This is about creating quality experiences that represent your personal joy. Not waiting for the moment you have earned ‘a good time’, but allowing yourself to create those rejuvenating and revitalizing sensations moment by moment. This time of year is about figuring out what playfulness looks like as an adult and how you can tap into that even in the simplest of ways.


This Taurus Season offers a more quiet period of time. A moment in the year to spend time alone and outside of the daily routines. Making time to be still is important this month, if you can. This season may offer a moment of clarity between your concrete mind and the intangible intuition you carry with you but may not always hear.  Gemini, take the time to listen to your body. When are you truly at rest? Where in the body do you feel the manifestation of stress? Sadness? Joy? and Peace? This is a season of repairing your relationship with your inner world and your higher intuition through trusting the guidance you receive. Focus on the quality of that connection rather than the accuracy of your intuition.


Taurus Season may present an opportunity to get one step closer to liberation from some kind of heavy weight on your shoulders. Whether that be financial debt, emotional burdens, or relationship baggage, this may be a moment of breaking free from some sort of inherited or shared burden. Take this time to consider the quality of your healing process. Are you going to a safe therapist? Are you creating intimacy with safe people? This time of year will support you in lightening some of the load you are carrying by simplifying those burdens in some way. It may serve you the most to consider what problems you may need to “return to sender” in order to truly focus on your healing.   


This year, Taurus Season  gives you the opportunity to focus on the quality of your home. At the end of the day, the need to have a safe place to rest, recharge, and unmask is so important to sustain our will to live. This season supports you in considering if your private space is offering you the space of serenity when you get home or if there is more stress added onto your plate. There may be a moment of liberation from aspects of your home life that are causing you a certain type of  stress or imposition. Aquarius, there is a chance to have more freedom within your own private space than maybe you have been feeling.


The quality of community will be a focus this Taurus Season, Cancer. You can even swap communities for friend groups. Either way, this season is encouraging you  to honor the beauty of  simplifying these connections down to the most reliable set of people. Those whose supportive energies are safe to share your aspirations with. What kind of connections are you able to sustain? What do you need from a community in order to feel loyal to their cause? These are themes that may come up this season for you. 


Taurus Season may turn your focus to the quality of your connection with others  and,  on a deeper level, the quality of your connection with your full self. This season supports becoming more open to what you can learn about yourself in the reflection of your close companionships. What parts of yourself have the room to be expressed in the presence of these close connections?  What aspects of yourself are you waiting for permission to take ownership of? Taurus energy is here to help you gain more trust in receiving abundance, simple pleasures and building  stability. Throughout this season, take a closer look at which qualities your close relationships bring  to the surface and how it expands your self-awareness.


This Taurus Season encourages you to become more receptive to the abundance of simple pleasures that already exist in your everyday environment. Pisces, this is the time of year for you to keep the windows open and pay attention to the sounds and sights right outside. An opportunity to focus on the quality of these moments that come and go throughout the day. If there was ever a time in the year to practice being present, this Taurus Season encourages you to be receptive to the sensory experience and open to the abundance of stimuli when you really allow yourself to receive the moment.  



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