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Welcome to Leo Season

We have made it to The Solar Season. From July 22nd - August 22nd, the transiting Sun will be moving through this Fixed Fire Sign. Leo is the sign that is naturally ruled by the Sun, so this season is usually the most natural expression the Sun can take. Leo and its connection to Summer, at least here in the United States, embraces playfulness, happiness, fun, vitality and enthusiasm. The radiant Sun sign of Leo is creative, joyful and confident in its own skin. For each one of us, these next few weeks can help us work on these themes within ourselves. Leo is invested in authentic expression and finding healthy pride in the goodness of its character. This year, we will be receiving many infiltrations from the planets backed up in Taurus. This is going to form some friction for us to push off of and hopefully will serve as a catalyst for becoming more bold in our self-expression. At the very least, we may come face to face with situations that force us to become more self-reliant and develop confidence in our own abilities.

Questions to Ask:

What are my thoughts on pride? Are they healthy?

Do I properly trust in the ‘goodness’ of my character?

How can I make more room for the authentic expression

of my personal happiness?

Are you ready for more...

Solar Return Readings

Most of us have heard of our Saturn Return, but there are a few other returns that we can use to check-in with ourselves regularly and track our growth. One of the most useful ones is our Solar Return. This is basically our Astrological Birthday. They happen once a year when the transiting Sun returns back to the exact degree where the Sun placement lies in your natal birth chart. Solar Returns have their own Rising and Moon signs and their own message to add onto the themes of our natal birth charts.

As with all returns, this serves as a reset button or a cosmic reminder of what our Solar Placement means to us. In general, the Sun represents the authentic self-expression of what we take pride in. It is our sense of vitality and the strength of our character. In a Solar Return chart, we can see what themes may play out as the year goes on that will help us continue to grow in our self-awareness and form a personality that we are proud to claim. This is a special reading to receive around your BIRTHDAY so that you can be prepared for the lessons and opportunities of character development that the upcoming year will present.

Lunar Return Readings

Lunar Returns happen once a month and occur when the transiting Moon returns to its exact degree within the natal chart. This reading is a great check- in point on your emotional state, your personal needs and how to care for yourself throughout the next month.

Solar & Lunar Return Readings:

30 min for $45!

@Kindred Spirits

(909) 626-2434

Call Today!

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