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Almond oil is said to attract money when added to your prosperity incense and oil blends. This fragrance oil was highly regarded by the ancient Egyptians as a symbol of wakefulness and moderns dab it over the eyebrows each morning upon getting out of bed to assure alertness. Almond is useful during long distance driving to help the driver stay alert. 


  • All of Kindred Spirit’s Oils are for Spiritual use and are considered Fragrance oils. Before using any of the Kindred Spirits’ Fragrance oils, please test on a small area of your skin before applying oil to a larger area on your body. This allows for you to see if there are any skin sensitivities to the oils of your choosing. It is best to store Kindred Spirits’ oils in a dark and dry cool place. There is no expiration date for these fragrance oils and they never lose their scent.  

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