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December Forcast:Dream a Little Dream


Now that the holiday season is in full swing, our mopiness levels should be shamelessly rising. Astrologically, the Mutable signs of Sagittarius and Pisces will be facing it off in the sky with multiple planets moving through each sign. Mutable is a term we use to describe energies that are more flexible and adaptable in nature. When two Mutable signs catch sight of one another, depending on the compatibility of each of their elements (fire, water, earth or air) they could begin to irritate one another. Pisces and Sagittarius are an example of a combination of energies that tend to egg each other on.

Sagittarius is Mutable Fire. It wants to throw caution to the wind and explore every opportunity that comes its way. Pisces is Mutable Water. Rather than jump into the action of an adventure, Pisces prefers to either escape into some form of fantasy or hop on a raft and be whisked away by the current of life. We can see that both of these signs rely on the faith that life will guide them to wherever their souls need to be. However, we may find out that during this first week of December, we want to be far away from where we currently are stationed. We want to be taken far from the mundane of our everyday life, but we could run the risk of getting lost in a daydream with no real intention of executing a well-constructed plan.

This energy is best used for breathing hope back into our bodies through a sense of possibility, but we should be careful not to set ourselves up for discouragement by comparing our current reality to a dream we are crafting in our minds. Sagittarius and Pisces both know that half the fun of indulging in our need for exploration and imagination is the very fact that we don’t have to stress about the practical details, we can simply enjoy the ride. Use this energy to fill yourself up with hope and inspiration for what may come in 2023.


For the most part, I find December to be a quieter month. However, there are bound to still be some hurdles even at less chaotic times. Around the middle of the month we will start to transition from Sagittarius energy into Capricorn energy. We enter an Earth sign and this one happens to be a Cardinal Earth Sign. Cardinal is a term we use to describe signs that are more results-oriented and tend to take the initiative when something needs to get started. Combine that with the grounded Earth element, and we get a sign that is very achievement-driven, mature and patient as it puts in the hard work to reach a certain goal.

As we move through this sign, we are going to brush against two other major energies. First, we will have to face Chiron in Aries. Chiron is referred to as the Wounded Healer. This can represent human vulnerability and emotional sensitivity. Chiron’s main goal is to help us appreciate and value kindness and softness by presenting us with experiences that may have felt defeating at the time, but allowed us to open our hearts to compassion for ourselves and others. In Aries, a Cardinal Fire sign, these wounds may have originated around our identities and whether or not it has been safe for us to take up space. Aries represents the right for an individual to exist as they are and to have agency over their body, mind and actions. As Chiron moves through this energy, we are facing insecurities that have developed over time due to feeling imposed upon and restricted from fully satiating these Aries needs.

How does Capricorn energy interact with all of this? This is a chance for us to build stronger walls around our insecurities. Not in a way, where we block out all opportunities for healing but instead, increasing our standards of how we want to be treated. Capricorn is an energy that understands consequence. If we set a standard for how we wish to be treated and it is disregarded, Capricorn is here to help us respectfully present the consequence of going against our boundary. Oftentimes, Capricorn can express a very parental and protective vibe towards Aries energy. I think we will see some of that this December. We are being called to stand more firm in our sense of authority without becoming overbearing or restrictive of others.


On December 20th, Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion moves back into the sign of Aries to finish out its complete transit in this energy. It will stay there until May 16th and then it will shift energies again into earthy Taurus. Aries themes will become exaggerated for the next five-months or so. Jupiter tends to expand and broaden any space that it occupies. It is the planet that represents growth through life experience. Jupiter growth comes from jumping in head first into brand new territory and learning while on the job. Jupiter does not allow us to prepare. That would be Saturn’s method. Jupiter pushes us into the kitchen and tells us that we have to figure out what to make through trial and error.

In Aries, we are going to see the most growth through learning how to properly develop self-respect and how to respectfully and mindfully act in our own self-interest. This is the time to start something that you never have before. Aries is the baby of the zodiac. It runs on the adrenaline that it gets from overcoming challenges through its own effort. Jupiter combined with Aries, will help us broaden our confidence if we take a chance on our own independence. This is a self-permitting energy. Use this time to really get to yourself, your needs and work on being able to meet those needs on your own terms.


| December 29th, 2022 - January 18th, 2023

We will finish up the year amidst yet another Mercury Retrograde. This one taking place in Capricorn. The funny thing about this transit, is that we actually began 2022 with a Mercury and Venus Retrograde in Capricorn. We are basically finishing up right where we began. I actually love when we get a Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn right at the beginning of a new year. When we talk about Retrogrades, our perspective is framed from a Geocentric or Earth-Centered view. We perceive Mercury passing us in the sky and it appears to be moving backwards. In reality, our perspective of that planet’s orbit is shifting until we eventually catch up again.

The meaning that Astrologers apply to this motion is one of reflection and reconsideration. Mercury is the planet of communication and information. When it looks retrograde it becomes a time where we can slow down our minds and allow for some much needed mental restoration. In Capricorn, the Cardinal Earth sign that is associated with delayed gratification and hard work, we can use this time to plan out our overall objective for the new year. Capricorn is very success-oriented. It seeks fulfillment through reaching certain milestones. Capricorn energy gets high off of hard work that pays off. During these few weeks, we can slow down and plan ahead what we are looking to accomplish in the new year.


| FULL MOON IN GEMINI - DEC 7th , 2022

As for the two lunations happening in December, our first one arrives in the first week. The Full Moon in Gemini occurs late in the day on Wednesday, December 7th. As with all full moons, this will be a time of culmination and realization. Questions will be answered in some way. With the emphasis placed on Gemini, a Mutable Air sign, we may receive new information that changes the story and shifts our perspective about a certain situation. Gemini is all about collecting data, processing it and then passing it on to another.

During this lunation, we may need to have an important conversation or make an important decision. However, we need to reflect on our mindset overall and the words we may choose to get our point across. Gemini can be a mindlessly argumentative energy. It will be important at this time to think deeply about what point we are really trying to make and how we can communicate in a non-threatening yet firm manner. This lunation may help us organize our thoughts and get clear on our own perspective before we respond to the circumstance at hand.



As we close out this year, the Capricorn New Moon opens us up to a new cycle of challenges leading us into 2023. Capricorn is the Cardinal Earth sign of the zodiac. Its energy relies on realistic parameters and focused effort that leads to a desired result. Capricorn energy produces the imagery of a person scaling a mountain, far from the bottom but nowhere near the peak. However, each time the climber reaches a higher part of the mountain, that in itself is a small achievement. New Moons in Capricorn, generally gives us that motivation to be open to tiny steps forward in our life.

In the next six months following this new moon, if we take on the challenge of putting ourselves out there, reclaiming our independence in some way, we may find ourselves higher off of the ground than we have been in a few years. This isn’t to say that we need to put immense pressure on ourselves to achieve great things within six months. This new moon is actually helping us become more comfortable celebrating small victories and allowing ourselves to feel proud even if we didn’t move mountains.

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