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February Vibes

The very first event this month happens to be one that usually focuses on closure and completion. During a Full Moon phase, we tend to witness more clearly what has been escaping us throughout the dark night sky. This one will take place in a Fixed Fire sign, Leo. There is a loyalty to the goodness of one's character with Leo. A steady commitment to that which maintains personal enthusiasm and the will to express the self authentically. This Full Moon will bring us back into our hearts. We will be reminded of the root of our creative energies. We will have to reflect on how satiated or starved our creative selves may be. It will be helpful to use this energy to recognize our own character development throughout our lives. Pride is a tricky thing, but healthy Leo energy understands how to build strength and self-trust through acknowledging the real satisfaction that everyone deserves when they get the opportunity to outwardly display the sincerest version of themselves. Leo knows what it is like to be loved, cherished and truly seen. This is our chance to figure out what that may look like for ourselves. If there is no space for us currently, then we may have to be open to significant changes in our environment and the company that we keep.


During the second week of February, the planet of mischievous communication, Mercury, comes into close contact with the Lord of the Underworld, Pluto. This is the first time Mercury meets up with Pluto since the end of the last retrograde just a few short weeks ago. In a sense, we are revisiting uncomfortable thoughts and mindsets, in order to process them thoroughly before moving on. In mythology, Mercury is the only God who can travel back and forth between the Underworld and above it. This speaks to the planet’s objectivity and willingness to collect facts and data without any personal bias. Of course, we are not Gods, and most of us will always have a hint of our own biases influencing our perception of reality. There is no shame in this. It’s how humans work.

However, as Pluto attempts to drag us down into the depths of Truth, many of us are unwilling to make that journey without kicking and screaming all the way down. Don’t worry, I’m guilty of this, too. Pluto tends to not have much time nor patience for softening the Truth. He delivers it to us as it is, and we may perceive it as harsh and painful, but it is simply a truth to consider. This is all taking place in the sign of Capricorn. An Earth sign, Capricorn’s energy reflects the aspects of life that require hard work for little pay, delayed gratification and the implementation of maturity when we want to throw a tantrum. Sometimes we feel as though we have little resources to use to get through our situations unafraid. This may be true, but something that Capricorn excels at is endurance and discipline. Capricorn has an intensely strong will to get to the other side of tragedy, struggle and hardship. With Pluto on our side, this connection in the sky will help us focus our minds so that we can use the resources that we do have to navigate our current struggles and get to that other side that is waiting, patiently, for us.


From February 11th to March 2nd, 2023, Mercury will move through the Fixed Air sign of Aquarius. This will open up our mindsets to the social climate, once more. Coming out of the depths of our own version of struggle in Capricorn, we now look onward, into what our future holds. Aquarius seeks to update an outdated system. It follows advancement and progressive thinking. It wants to find a way to receive more benefits under a totally reconstructed mentality. Hopefully, as Mercury moves through this energy, we will feel more inventive and have some ideas of where we are heading in the next year.

Aquarius is connected to Leo. They are both on the Axis of Expressive Confidence. Leo expresses self-confidence through a creative performance of its authentic self in the hopes to find love and adoration. Aquarius expresses confidence through using its innovative ideas to influence the greater good in the hopes to find acceptance and belonging. They are both leaders in their own right. As Mercury moves through Aquarius, we will be focusing on our own sense of leadership. Maybe we don’t all have to be the leader of a huge social movement, but we can begin to lead small projects in our personal life under the mentality of personal progress and upward improvement. We could lead ourselves into a community of like-minded individuals who share our vision and want to collaborate in order to bring this vision to life. This is what Mercury in Aquarius is all about-Contributions to a Greater Community.


In the middle of the month, we have two of the most hopelessly romantic planets conjunct in Pisces. Venus is one of those planets. I like to describe Venus as the planet that reflects our sense of prioritization based on value, beauty and preference. Venus carries the “Happiness Meter.” We tend to prioritize what makes us feel good or what will eventually lead us to feeling pleasure. In the Mutable Water sign of Pisces, Venus takes on a very dreamy, whimsical vibe. Our greatest daydreams become our top priority. Ease, gentleness and a sense of surrendering into relaxation is what Venus in Pisces brings to our attention. We want life to flow during this time. Venus entered this sign on January 27th. Actually, we have been feeling this lax energy for most of the month.

Between February 14th and 16th, Venus will reunite with Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is the Modern ruler of Pisces. It represents the parts of life that are intangible, unexplainable and spiritual. It rules over illusion and delusion. When these two planets come together, do not expect to get anything practical accomplished. These are days of whimsy if they go well, and days of confusion if they go south. Pisces energy is open to all living beings and even the beings we cannot make sense of, yet, Pisces absorbs the essence of all things, and we can feel an increase of tolerance, acceptance and a general non-judgmental approach to our interpersonal connections. Venus in Pisces wants to love. It wants to connect and fears being distant or neglected from that source of connection. Our boundaries may be blurred a little on these few days which can be beautiful if we are mindful of who we are letting in. In general though, let the love flow through you and rehydrate your sense of hope. This energy will only happen once this year!


Right on the heels of the Venus/Neptune conjunction. The Sun and Saturn meet up in Aquarius around the fifteenth through the seventeenth of February. The Sun rules over our sense of character and self-confidence. It provides strength and a will to make life mean something special. Saturn, in a lot of ways, opposes those themes. Saturn rules over restriction, limitations, as well as longevity and maturity. When these two reunite once a year, we are encouraged to reflect on our sense of integrity. We must ask ourselves, have our actions held up to our expectations? Are we proud of ourselves for tackling hurdles with measured persistence and confidence? If not, how can we improve our self-concept by trusting that we are the kind of person who commits to the vibrancy of our lives?

The Sun and Saturn remind us that in order to feel energized and alive, we have to handle the business of life with a strong sense of authenticity . If we can identify with our narrative in a healthy way, we can move through obstacles without losing our sense of self in the struggle. Sun in Saturn helps us commit to our character and our sincere nature. It is important not to allow Saturn to bully us into dimming our light. Simultaneously, we cannot allow the Sun to trick us into believing positive vibes will set us free from life’s responsibilities. These two energies are forming a bond over these two days and have to reach a sense of balance with one another. Mainly, we want to ask ourselves, how are we building a mature, sturdy and reasonable sense of self that we can carry with us through any storm?


Venus enters Aries from February 20th - March 16th, 2023. This is the rebirth of Venus. She has made her way around all twelve signs and now she has re-hatched into her next cycle. In Aries, a Cardinal Fire sign, we may find that our priorities shift towards self-satisfaction. Aries encourages self - respect. What allows us to develop this is giving ourselves the permission to be self-pleasing. There are going to be a few weeks where it may be in our best interest to focus on our own wants and needs. Aries is very self-taught and fast acting. If we want something, it is on us to provide it for ourselves. No need to check in or ask permission from an outside source.

The other side of Venus in Aries is a little contradictory. Aries is seen as the baby of the Zodiac. The first breath of life. Venus in Aries is inspired by new social connections: new friends, lovers, co-workers, and acquaintances that can breathe life into the area of our charts that this placement is moving through. Be open to a freshness when it comes to our social interactions. Try new foods, listen to new music, find new spots around town and embrace this new born Venus energy while we have it.


When this New Moon comes around every year, it marks a time of recovery. Pisces is like the ocean in that it can hold and contain so much weight and by doing so, can cleanse and renew all that is inside. Pisces is a purifier of sorts. It strips away sin and impurity in a gentle and serene manner. Therefore, this New Moon in Pisces allows us to wash away the pain of the past year and welcome in a certain level of pureness and untainted energy. This lunation is about welcoming in forgiveness and acceptance. Understanding the limitations of humanity and throwing out the pressure to be like Gods and Goddesses and replacing that pressure with the room and space to be simply human.

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