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May's Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: releasing old burdens and planting new seeds for the future


The bulk of May 2022 will be under the influence of the second Mercury Retrograde we will have this year. Retrograde season usually lasts a little over a month and is a time to retrace our steps and go over all of our options one more time. Mercury will begin its backwards march on May 10th in the versatile air sign of Gemini. This looks like options opening up to us, maybe even too many choices. About mid-way through the cycle, Mercury will head back into the grounded earth sign of Taurus. This will help us figure out what decision will be the most practical, realistic and the least complicated for our lives right now. The end of the retrograde will come around June 3rd, so we have plenty of time to take it slow and deeply consider what next steps we will take.


May marks a time this year when the energy in the air is about to switch up. Jupiter is the planet of Growth and Opportunity. It pushes us off the cliff with no parachute and sees what comes of it. Basically, Jupiter helps us grow through learning by doing. Wisdom is only gained through trial and error. In Aries, we are entering a six-month period of taking chances when it comes to expanding our understanding of what it takes to have true self-respect. This transit will help us take chances on ourselves. Now, like I said, Jupiter likes to throw us into the creek without a paddle, so we may come into circumstances that force us to think fast on our feet, take independent action and trust our instincts in ways that we have not before.


On May 15th, we will experience the second half of this Eclipse Season. The Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Scorpio. This looks like a pretty significant release. Scorpio’s main agenda is to purge toxins in the body, mind and soul. It wants to go to the depths of an issue in order to release the dead weight that is holding us down. Think back to what was going on in your life around 2012/2013. These themes will be coming back up so that we can officially let go of lessons we have already learned. In fact, allowing the pain or fear to remain is taking up valuable space in our body, mind and soul that could be filled with growth and creative fulfillment. This can be very uncomfortable but worth it in the end. With Saturn in Aquarius, we are working towards building a future that elevates us, but we cannot continue with that until we find the will to regenerate.


This month we will have the opportunity to reset our sense of motivation to a more innocent and purer place. Mars, the planet of Personal Willpower, will meet up with Neptune, the planet of Acceptance, in the sign of Pisces. When two planets come together in the same sign, they renew their relationship to one another and begin a fresh cycle. Between Mars and Neptune, we can use this energy to envision what our intentions might look like if we were living in a perfect and forgiving world. This feels like an opportunity to bury the hatchet and act on a sense of acceptance for the self and others. Neptune and Pisces both love unconditionally and understand that there is meaning to be found in everything, which allows them to give grace to all things. We can attempt to practice this in our own lives with this coming transit.


We end the month with a surge of energy to trust our instincts and charge into a fresh relationship with the world around us. The planet Mars moves into Aries and immediately combines with Jupiter. This looks like a renewal of almost childlike courage to take on a challenge that lies before us. Aries, the baby of the zodiac, loves to prove its capabilities by defeating the obstacles in its path. This is a very independent energy. Our will to act on our own accord may increase and this could be a great time to prove to yourself that you can get results without seeking the permission of others. Aries energy is all about exploring what works for you and giving yourself the permission to satisfy those desires. Remember, only you know what works best for yourself!

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